Catching up with our Frenchie Kids: Luke!

Luke says “It’s hard work being this fabulous”.


Since we’ve caught up with the fabulous Mr. Teddy, international super model, I thought it would be only fair to catch up with his equally fabulous half brother, Luke.

Luke, also known as Ch Bullmarket Newhope at SpiritDragon, is owned by Dr. Andrea Morden-Moore, DVM.  Andrea has been busy as a bee getting Luke out and about, and I’m thrilled she took time out from her schedule to write me a quick note about what Luke has been up to.


Andrea with Luke, and some of Luke's Beginners Novice ribbons

Andrea with Luke, and some of Luke's Beginners Novice ribbons

Luke has been quite busy. At 25 months of age, he has his Championship, and is Grand Champion pointed in limited showing.

He has four AKC titles behind his name, Rally Novice (RN- 11/10), NOvice Agility Jumpers Preferred (NJP (4/11), Beginner Novice (BN 7/11), and Novice Agility Preferred (NAP 7/11). He has 2 of 3 legs needed for his Open Jumpers (OJP) title. I just uploaded his photo with his ribbons from last weekend to Flickr. Luke also has two Teacup agility titles (Teacup Dogs Agility Association TDAA). He has Teacup Games one and two TG1 & TG2. He needs one more leg for his Teacup Beginning Agility Dog (TBAD) title.

As well as things are going for him now, I expect that title and maybe more this next weekend at trials in St. Louis. His next AKC agility trial is the end of this month.

I need to get Luke re-CERF’d, as his expired in July. He goes in next Thursday for his OFA hip radiographs. As you know, he is clear of all the other things.

I am super proud of Luke’s (many!) titles, but there’s one more for him to receive that will make me proud as punch, and that’s his CHIC health award.

CHIC, aka the Canine Health Information Center, maintains a database of the clearances which are recommended for participating dogs of each breed, and of the dogs who have obtained passing scores in each.

In the case of French Bulldogs, the recommended tests required for a CHIC health award are:

Hip Dysplasia

  • OFA Evaluation – OR
  • OVC Evaluation – OR
  • PennHIP Evaluation

Eye Clearance

  • CERF Evaluation – Annual recertification recommended

Patellar Luxation

  • OFA Evaluation

Autoimmune thyroiditis (Optional)

  • OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory

Congenital Cardiac Database (Optional)

  • OFA Evaluation

It would be nice to see Juvenile Cataract DNA testing added to this list, but I’m sure they’ll get around to it eventually.  For Luke, all he has left to obtain his CHIC award is his hip radiograph, so cross your fingers.

Teddy and Luke will be competing at the same agility trial at the end of this, and it will be super to hear all about how they both did – and hopefully to see photos.

For more photos of Luke, check out Andrea’s Flickr gallery. Handsome, smart, agile and healthy – what more can you ask for! Well, maybe more videos….


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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    So handsome, but he has that worried expression I often see on Bacon…I call it the “It’s been a long time since my last meal…have they forgotten?” look.

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    Delilah has a permanently ANGRY expression on hers, because she’s pissed at the thought that anyone else might be allowed to eat something.

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