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A Blue Dog Update (the OTHER Kind of Blue French Bulldog)

It’s always a wonderful surprise to have someone pop up and say “Hey, remember me? We got so and so from you”.

In this case, so and so is actually an adorable little guy named Blue, out of Tessa’s very first litter. Blue was a handsome, spunky little boy, and he’s grown up to be a still handsome, spunky little guy.

Here’s the lovely note that Blue’s mom, Jennie Leto, sent along for me to share:


I got Blue from Carol Gravestock when he was 7 months old. He came charging down the
stairs and I was in love. He is now 11 and he still comes charging down the stairs, or
racing after birds, or squirrels, or bunnies. He absolutely loves life and I thank Carol and
God every day that he is in my life. This past year has been a huge transition for Blue,
since I had a baby girl named Lillian.

Blue came through like a trooper and Lily and Blue are in love. He is her protector,
her buddy, her furry sibling. Boo Boo was her first words, before Dadda and Mamma,
and Boo Boo is the first one she asks for every morning. Before we drop my daughter off
at daycare we drop Boo Boo at my parent’s house for his daycare.

Blue’s other favorite people are my niece and nephew Avery and Caleb. Caleb just kisses
him all day long, and Avery is so gentle with him. The only thing is that Blue doesn’t think
he is a dog. When Lily, Avery and Caleb are around Blue tries to get in the middle of
everything they are doing and participate. He tries to color and play ball and play dolls,
and this past Easter Blue didn’t understand why Grandpa didn’t want to take a picture of
him in the Easter backdrop he set up for the kids shots. Blue is stubborn, lovable,
adorable, and such a blessing to our whole family. He is such a handsome boy, people
look at him and compliment him before my daughter.

We treasure Boo Boo, thank you Carol and Tessa (Blue’s Momma), you created a most
amazing Frenchie and we adore and love him so much!!!

Here are some photos of Blue (seriously, is this a handsome face, or what?). Oh, and there are two in there of Blue as baby, one with his entire litter.

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