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Bunny Watch '08 Continues

Library book, just signed out this afternoon, left sitting squarely in the middle of the coffee table, in a room containing not less than 20 assorted nylabones, hooves, stuffed toys and Kongs.

And yes, I read Rita Mae Brown.

Bunny the book critic says "I don't like Rita Mae Brown"

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  1. Susie
    Susie says:

    Bun-Bun wanted to nom on the Esther Williams-esque swimming costumes, or perchance edible flowers atop the swimming bonnets?

    Weezie applauds her and sends her a photo of the veeeery expensive silk and linen shirt of mine she nommed on just this week.

    She cannot send you a photo of the six fabric-covered buttons she nommed, because she has not passed them just yet.

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