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A great big photo update

Mouth wars! Pammy and Delilah

Mouth wars! Pammy and Delilah

Sean and I have been busy passing the flu back and forth. I got it at work, then gave it to Sean, and he somehow managed to give it back to me again. He said it’s because he’s all about sharing. Awww… generosity. Apparently it’s over rated.

About the only useful thing I’ve managed to get done in a week is a mammoth photo update. Oh, I also shot some video – but it’s still sitting on my hard drive, waiting to be crafted into an actual video. Not gonna happen tonight, that’s for sure. I’m off to bed with a cup of tea and a heaping dose of Nyquil Cold and Flu.

Photosets below the cut, or on Flickr as follows –

ALL of the pups enjoying playtime

Delilah’s pups at six weeks

Tula’s Pups at one month