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Update: Yoda has been adopted

Yoda - French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix available for adoption

Yoda - French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix available for adoption


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Yoda is a special little dog. He’s a Chihuahua – French Bulldog mix, and shows some of each breed in his flat face, pointed ears and Chi tail.

Yoda’s mom Mary loves him deeply, but she’s got a big, big problem. Mary has been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, as well as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Her flare ups are painful and crippling, and make it hard for her to function physically. Recently, Mary was lucky enough to have Custer placed with her. Custer is a Doberman, and a trained service dog. He helps Mary with daily tasks, when her physical pain makes it difficult for her to function. He can also help if she falls, or is otherwise unable to move or get help for herself.

Unfortunately, tiny little Yoda hasn’t taken well to this interloper in his home.

He resents Custer, and shows that resentment by launching himself at Custer like a furry little 15 lb missile. Custer is a pretty patient dog, but you can only get attacked by a tiny golden ball of fury so many times before you’re forced to defend yourself. All of this stress is hard on Mary – she worried that Yoda will hurt Custer, she’s worried that Custer will hurt Yoda defending himself, and she’s worried that she won’t be physically able to intercede if they ever get into a serious fight. All of this stress has been hard on Mary – stress aggravates her conditions.

After much soul searching, Mary has decided to place Yoda. It’s breaking her heart, but she knows it’s what she has to do right now, for her sake, and for the sake of her dogs.

In Mary’s own words:

I love my Yoda Toad and can’t bear the thought of him getting hurt by being a butt head. He is a wonderful, unique, strange little dog.

You can see lots of pictures of Yoda here:



Mary lives in Colorado, and she’d prefer to place Yoda with someone willing to drive to pick him up. For the perfect home, however, she would be willing to ship him. If you’d like more info on Yoda, Mary would love to speak to you. Please email her directly at snorkmom AT gmail DOT com

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      • amanda
        amanda says:

        Hello, I am sorry to hear of your health conditions. I have been searching for a frenchy, but when I came across the picture of your Yoda I fell in love. I am a registered veterinary technician. I have been working with anmals for ten years. If he does not already have a home I would very much like to talk to you more about him. Please e-mail me either way…mrskahne09@hotmail.com or you can call ANYTIME however I do live in california,but i assure you he would have the most lovinghome,besdies yours of course! Thanks….Amanda Walker RVT

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