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PHP Gallery Issues & On Line Photo Sharing

Somehow, the gallery has gone down on FrenchBulldogPhotos.com – I haven’t really looked into the problem yet, but it looks like a database error. Who knows, maybe we were hacked – I don’t think I’ve updated that gallery installation in about four years, so it’s possible.

At this point, I’m not sure it’s worthwhile putting it back up. That site has been around since it actually served a very useful purpose in giving pet owners an on line place to store their photos for free – heck, I think I put the first version on line in 2001, pre Flickr or Picasa. Now, however, there are a million different options for free file hosting on line, so the site really has become redundant. As well, I’ve had issues lately with people using the site to advertise their ‘free puppies’ or whatever the scam of the week is.

Maybe I’ll turn it into a photo blog – Frenchie photo of the day? I’ll set it up, if anyone wants to blog it!