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Jesse James Holds His New French Bulldog Pierre

Jesse James Holds His New French Bulldog, Pierre

I can’t glance at my French Bulldog news alerts without being informed, in gushing terms, about how supposedly super awesome a dog owner Jesse James is.

James, who just “adopted*” (* this is usually celeb code speak for “bought from a pet store”) a new French Bulldog puppy for his daughter, is held up as a paragon of virtue because he ran lost dog posters last year when his Pit Bull Cinnabon went missing.

It’s entirely possible that James, who comes across as a womanizing scumbag in general, is one of those guys with horrid relationship skills, but great dog ownership skills. Let’s hope so, for the sake of the new puppy.

Barring that, let’s hope that Sandra Bullock gets custody of the kids and the new dog.

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  1. YesBiscuit!
    YesBiscuit! says:

    Cinnabon goes missing regularly, from what I’ve read. She usually gets returned before too long because everyone in the area knows her. I wouldn’t count on him being a great dog owner.

  2. Marie
    Marie says:

    Ugh say it ain’t so!

    He seemed like such a nice and smart guy when he was on the Celebrity Apprentice show. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Yet aother reason celebrities should never be put on a pedestal. It’s to far to fall.

  3. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:


    I hate breeds becoming popular or trendy.

    I am hoping that EBs and Frenchies fall off the pop culture radar soon. A look at the ebay classifieds for California suggests it’s only getting worse atm.

    “rare” green-eyed english bulldog puppies! only 3800.00 US! Rare blue frenchy pups! Yadayadayada.


    In happier new, we welcomed 4 little slightly frost bit (frozen semen breeding) pups on Sunday night. A little excitement but overall good results.
    A healthy happy mom, 3 big Amazonian girls and an itty-bitty little boy. The 3 times I’ve done frozen, we’ve gotten a pip squeak. The previous lilliputians caught up and I’m confident he will too but right now he looks rather out of place. “One of these things is not like the other”.

    Will send pics

  4. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I saw that clip on TMZ, and he was waving that poor pup all over the place, as high as his long arms would go, out in front of him, etc. It really got on my nerves.

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