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Frenchies and Kids – Photos Needed!

Ryan with Tara - Le Bull's Achey Breaky Heart

Ryan with Tara - Le Bull's Achey Breaky Heart

The French Bulldog Village is gearing up for its annual fund raising
calendar. The theme this year is “Frenchies and Kids”, and we NEED
your photos!

We’re looking for clear, well framed photos of French Bulldogs –
adults, puppies or seniors – along with one or more children.

To submit a photo, the children pictured must be your immediate family
members – no random kids from the park or what have you.

Photos need to be hi resolution, digital (ie; emailed to me) and
longer than they are high. When you send them, please include your
name, the name(s) of the child or children, and the name and age of
the French Bulldog(s).

Please attach your photos to an email, and send it to me at
frenchbulldogz@gmail.com .

Remember, photos must be high resolution, digital, longer rather than they are high
(ie; landscape).

Sorry, but NO show photos, and if the photo is
professionally taken you must either be the photographer or have the
photographer’s permission. All photos must be submitted ASAP, so we
can get the calendar out as soon as possible.

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      • angelika
        angelika says:

        translated and done 🙂

        btw if you need a singing frenchy .. look what I did with my friend´s Frenchy Lenny ..

        there are also 2 short clips from my 2 boys .. both rescue .. Higgins is 10 and a bit too big, Manolito is 5 and a bit too small … he was born with a Cleft Palate and his breeder wanted to put him down but I told him not, so I got hom with 5 days only .. and he was a little fightere and realy made it! With some skills, patience I got him to drink without chokes and all the leftover he did – it worth to rescue this little puppies. He is the best proof 🙂


        • The Cletus Residence
          The Cletus Residence says:

          My German is terrible, but I’ll try anyway. Ich liebe Lenny!

          Carol, ask for city and state (province), and country! We need it for the calendar. Thanks!

          And thanks for offering to do the calendar! You’re a peach!

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