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Another Jamboree Update

As I’ve mentioned, the French Bulldog Jamboree is JUST LIKE summer camp, complete with shared cabins (albeit three to four bedroom cabins with their own kitchen and fireplace).

We understand that some people would prefer to be able to pick their bunk mates, so we’re drawing up a map of the cabins, and we’ll be adding the reservation details to it once a week, as I get them from the nice folks at Homestead Resort.

I hope to have it up on the site at the end of next week.

Also, I STILL desperately need some happy helper volunteers, because folks? This thing is rapidly getting bigger and much more fabulous than I had imagined. We’d figured maybe a dozen crazy Frenchie folks would show up – now we’re thinking close to fifty or sixty, at the least! Yikies!

So, still needed:

— greeters to hand out welcome badges
— donations for the raffle (you can just bring them with you, but let me know)
— a media person (believe it or not, I’ve had two contacts from press asking about coming out to cover it, heaven only knows why)
— someone to do the obedience demo and talk
— any handlers want to do the pre sanction match handling demo?
— good grief, whatever else you think I’ve missed

Email me, and let’s talk!

I also really, really, REALLY need someone to drw up a fun, funky design for our t shirts and other souvenirs. Let me know if you can help, or know someone who can.

A  few people have asked about conformation shows within driving distance of the Jamboree.

The closest one seems to be the Orangeville shows, taking place May 22, 23, 24th.

Link here: http://www.ckc.ca/en/Default.aspx?tabid=87&page=2

The shows are about an hour and ten minutes away from the resort. Judging panel is not yet announced.

Map link — http://tinyurl.com/cxbdos

Link to the Jamboree site

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  1. Susan Snider
    Susan Snider says:

    Hi, sadly Solo and I cannot make the Jamboree. I know it will be a blast, and we will miss all the fun. I do look forward to reading all about it though. I hope if you do it again we will be able to attend. As we moved last year we took no vacations, so this year is jam packed of vacations already.
    Thinking of you all!
    Susan and Solo.

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