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This is not good news

The AKC’s ‘top ten most popular breed‘ stats are out.

We’re 26 overall, but in LA:

The most popular breeds for L.A.:

1. Labrador retriever
2. Bulldog
3. German shepherd
4. Golden retriever
5. Yorkshire terrier
6. French bulldog
7. Poodle
8. Pug
9. Pomeranian
10. Maltese

We need to start telling people that this is a horrid, lousy breed that NO ONE should ever own, before we make it into the top ten.

Personally, the next time someone from LA calls me about a puppy, I’m going to tell them that they shed constantly, fart incessantly, pee on everything and do crack in back alleys for fun.

I tell them most of that already, but maybe the crack part will seal the deal.

On second though, considering it’s LA, maybe I’ll casually throw this in – “Hey, did you know that every celebrity who has ever bought a Frenchie has had their very next movie bomb? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, though”.

Update: Crap. I just noticed we’re number four in New York City. Maybe we can casually suggest a link between owning a French Bulldog, and having you real estate value drop (or your rent controlled apartment go co op).

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  1. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Okay, now imagine the expletives coming out of my mouth….

    I think “Bulldog ownership linked to erectile dysfunction, syphyllis, AIDS and genital warts” might be the new banner on my website

  2. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    Uh oh. Maybe you could try some of the working dog schtick – these dogs are cute, so people get them thinking they are nice little lapdogs. Nothing could be further from the truth. French Bulldogs are true working dogs – canine dynamos in a pint-sized package. Unless you can provide the dog with a ‘job’ and are willing to spend considerable time exercising and training them in a way specific to the breed, don’t get a French Bulldog. Those bulldog jaws coupled with a terrier-like personality are not for everyone. In the right hands, they make wonderful companions. In the wrong hands or badly raised, they can be a nightmare.

    And for Dog’s sake, stay away from English Bulldogs. Number two? That’s downright scary.

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