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Banned Aid Coalition's $1 a Dog Video

This video was created by the Banned Aid coalition as a sort of ‘thank you’ to all the breeds who offered their help during their recent “$1 a dog” fund raising drive.

Since I couldn’t seem to view the file in its original WMV format, I took the liberty of converting it to Flash. I take no credit for this video, other than a desire to make it more widely available to viewers.

Learn more about the Banned Aid Coalition, and its campaign to end Canada’s ridiculous breed specific legislation —


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  1. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    That video got to me. Cletus and Clovis and Boogie want to come running too, so they beat their piggy bank to death and sent $5 each – Canadian, we aren’t rich. It breaks my heart that people will kill dogs out of ignorance and it chills me to think that French Bulldogs could be next. Even Pugs. Violent little beasts, Pugs…

    Everybody send money. In Massachusetts, Boston has a “Pit Bull Ordinance”. Every pitbull has to be contained, or muzzled, every residence has to be posted with “Dangerous Dog” signs and carry extra insurance. No more than 2 pit bulls can be in residence, and all puppies over 9 weeks better be gone, gone, gone.

    Scary? It should be. What’s even scarier is that these ordinances have held up under legal challenges. What’s next? Pit Bull Extermination. Followed by Dog Extermination. No Pit Bulls, no French Bulldogs, no Pugs, no nothing.

    Pay up.

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