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Today's Fun Phone Call

So, I have about ten million emails in my inbox which I am slowly slogging through (in between reading and responding to list mail and playing games of animated solitaire – procrastination, thy name is… eh, I’ll type it in later), when I get a phone call.

Caller: Do you have puppies?

Me: No, spring litters maybe, blah blah blah

Caller: I want to know about shedding.

Me: That’s when hair falls off the dog.

Caller, annoyed: Yes, I KNOW that. I want to know if Frenchies shed.

Me: Hells YES. I’m wearing black pants, and they look like black and white herringbone tweed. Frenchies shed. Some shed more than others, but they all shed.

Caller: Oh. Because I don’t really want a dog that sheds.

Me: Well, don’t get a Frenchie.

Caller, dejected: But they’re so cute. I mean, if I vacuum say once a week, would there still be hair on the floor?

Me: Yes, not to mention the giant mutant dog hair dust bunnies that would breed under your furniture. I vacuum once a day, and by the next day, there’s a new dog’s worth of hair on the floor. But, then again, I have nine dogs.

Caller: I see. But they all shed, right?

Me: Well, yes. I suppose you could shave them.

Caller: Really?

Me: No.

Caller: So ALL of them shed, is that what you’re saying?

Me: I think I’ve been pretty clear on that.

Caller: Because I don’t want one that sheds.

Me: sigh…

Sean, in background: “Jesus Christ! Tell her that they ALL SHED ALL THE FREAKIN TIME AND TO GET THE HELL OVER IT!

Me: what he said.

Caller: Click

As a reminder, here’s a photo of Paris, just after I’d used the furminator on her. That hair? All of it was on Paris, ten minutes before I took the picture.

Yes, French Bulldogs shed. A LOT.

Yes, French Bulldogs shed. A LOT.

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  1. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    I always knew that Paris was a mixed breed Frenchie/Pug. You’ve just proved it. All that hair can only come off a PUG, or maybe a German Shepherd Dog.

    She maybe looks a little like Rin Tin Tin. Kinda. In a bad light, maybe.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I’m sure there will be some pet store or “breeder” who will tell her/him what they want to hear, and they’ll end up with a frenchie.
    Carol maybe Sean should just answer the phone when these people call. Save you a lot of trouble ;0)

  3. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    “I want a bulldog”


    Because they don’t need exercise and they are short coated so they don’t shed”

    “snrrgg! snort! snrr snnrr!”

    “um, why are you laughing?”

  4. LeoH
    LeoH says:

    Heh, I’ve seen calls like that before, though from the IT support side of things. Still, never fails to make me smile.

    Anyway, just curious whether the furminator you use is something like this ?

    Great post! Hope to see more like them in the future!

  5. RHz
    RHz says:

    How the heck do all these crazy people get your phone number??? Shouldn’t you be unlisted or something?

    No outfit–or meal–is complete without dog and cat hair. Well, at least in my house.

  6. KarenTX
    KarenTX says:

    LOLOLOL I just found this blog (I know, I’m kinda slow) and what an entry to start off with!!!!! ~~snicker snort~~ I have a new (to me) 5 YO brindle-pied retired momma named Lovey, a Rat Terrier and a terrier mix, and they all shed!!!!!! I have to empty the vacuum cleaner tub at least 3-4 times. It also doesn’t matter what color I wear, dog hair is going to be evident! AND I DON’T CARE!!! LOL They is what they is! And I am smitten with my new smushed-face, bug-eyed, bat-eared, no tail little darling.

  7. Emily~ DreamEyce
    Emily~ DreamEyce says:

    Well don’t you know, that as a breeder, you MUST make your customers happy, and MUST custom-make a dog that looks like a Frenchie, but doesn’t shed.

    Maybe breed them to a Poodle, call them Froodle Bulls, then sell them for 4 times more than any sane breeder would sell a Frenchie for… you know, because making other people happy is any responsible breeders goal, right 😉

    BTW, do Frenchies shed? Do ALL of them shed? I really want one that doesn’t shed, so, umm, do all shed? If I vacuum the floor once a week, will it magically stop the dog from shedding?

  8. Susan Snider
    Susan Snider says:

    Oh my word I laughed so hard Carol!!!!
    Who in their right mind, who has ever owned a dog that sheds, only vacuums once a week! Unless the dog hair blends in nicely with the floors, sofa and your clothes on a daily basis. I have never been so lucky.
    You have such patience with the callers, but we all sure love hearing about it. You crack me up!!

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