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BSL – It's everyone's problem

Killer PugI’m so tired of people smugly insisting that Breed Specific Legislation – or breed banning, to call it by it’s more actual name – isn’t their problem. We all need to wake up and realize that BSL is a threat to all of, to all of our dogs, and to our decency as a society. French Bulldogs barely escaped being included in Ontario’s recent BSL laws. Staffordshire Bull Terriers – those little twenty something pound cuties known as “Nanny Dogs” in the UK, for their excellence as children’s pets – weren’t so lucky.

Pugs and Boston Terriers have been included in other areas. Pugs and Bostons, for God’s sakes!

If they can ban a Pug or a Frenchie under so-called vicious dog laws, what’s next? Bee Dogs?

Breed Specific Legislation does NOT work. It doesn’t make you, or me, or our children any safer. It’s an unreasonable solution to an overblown problem, drafted by idiots who wouldn’t know a bad dog from a good dog if it was staring them in the face.