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Yay for Mae!

Mae’s ultrasound this morning confirmed that she is indeed with child – or rather with ‘children’, to be more precise. We saw three that we’re fairly certain of, with one or two more a possibility. Really, an ultrasound isn’t about counting puppies – it’s about simply confirming that your bitch is indeed pregnant. This lets me start adding supplements to her diet and monitor her health and behaviour even more closely than I normally do. It also lets me decide that I definitely won’t be making any trips, or attending any shows. In fact, I’ll even have to cancel my attendance at the obedience classes Tula and Penelope had been taking.

Bratty Tula

There are a number of zoonotic diseases that other dogs can pass along to the pups, and which they in turn could pass along to Mae, and she to her unborn puppies. It’s one of the reasons I’m so paranoid about potential puppy owners who already have a dog at home coming for visits. Your dog’s trip to the park could result in something being carried here, to my dogs, and from there on to my pregnant girls, or their puppies.

So, no obedience for Tula and Penelope. I’ll just have to put up with them being spoiled brats for a while longer!


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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Mae looks like a happy pregant girl — she’s smiling! No morning sickness I guess. Good luck with the babies.

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