Charlie Sheen Starves Pug to Death?

I admit it –  this whole Charlie Sheen thing has been funny in a “Celebrity Train Wreck” kinda way, but when celebrities start threatening to kill their ex spouses, fun time is over.
The story in the NY Daily News today’s is also anything but funny, if what it reports is true:

Though the couple divorced in 2006 after four years of marriage, Sheen reportedly retained possession of their two pugs. According to, Richards recently heard that the dogs were being mistreated, prompting her to remove them from Sheen’s home.

One of the dogs later died of malnutrition, but Sheen is on a hunt to get the other canine back.


PopEater has more on the story, with Sheen’s camp actually admitting that the dogs were in “horrible shape”:

“Denise didn’t steal the dogs, he gave them back to her,” a close friend of Charlie’s tells me, referring to two pugs that no longer stay with the actor. “They were in horrendous shape. He doesn’t want the dogs, he wants to fight!”

A source tells me that the pugs were in fact Denise’s, but that after their divorce she let him keep them at his house so that when their daughters came to visit, “they would feel more at home.” But then following his infamous hotel-trashing incident in NYC, he gave the dogs back to her.

“They were in terrible shape. He could not look after himself let alone two dogs,” Charlie’s friend tells me, adding that giving back the dogs was a sort of “thank you gift” for her steadfast support of him.


If you’ve ever met a Pug, you understand just how unbelievable this is. Pugs don’t willingly miss a single meal, let alone enough of them to die of malnutrition.

In a house full of people, how does this happen?

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  1. jen
    jen says:

    I suppose it would be easy to neglect something that relies on you when you’re out of your mind on drugs all the damn time.

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    I’ve seen the ‘candid camera’ clips of Sheen’s house, and his place is apparently ALWAYS full of people. Sycophants, hangers on, girl friends, assistants – no one noticed the poor fucking dog was STARVING to death?


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