News report on the murdered French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta

The following Ecuadorean news report details the murders of the French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta. I will warn you – this is EXTREMELY graphic and potentially triggering footage.

I was initially unable to watch all of it, but forced myself to do so.



Remember, this footage is posted in hopes that it will motivate you to HELP us to achieve justice for the murdered French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta.

Things you can do:

  1. Sign the petition to the change the laws regarding dog crimes in Ecuador.
    This petition will be sent to Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa. amd to the Government of Ecuador, asking them to create and enforce laws making harming or killing dogs a crime. The petition is in Spanish, but you can sign it in any language, and signatures from around the world are welcome and encouraged. Signers from the USA will find their country listed under États-Unis.
  2. Tweet this story, and your outrage, using the hashtag #JusticiaDkasta , and follow JusticiaDkasta on Twitter.
  3. A well known European breeder has offered to donate two French Bulldogs to Tania and Angel, to help to fill the terrible holes left in their lives. If you can, please donate to help to cover their travel costs. Note: GOAL ACHIEVED – THANK YOU! Any additional donated funds will be earmarked to help Angel and Tania with their relocation to a safer property, and possibly to transport another donated puppy to them.
  4. Network and Share! Re share this story on Facebook, Twitter and on your own blog. Do you have friends in media, in publicity, in the entertainment field? Ask them to share this story. The more voices me make heard, the better the chances for justice for the dogs of Criadero D’ Kasta. If you re share stories on Facebook, please hashtag them #justiciadkasta
  5. Join the Facebook Page – Justice for the French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta
    Updates on the case, along with photographs and news, will be shared via this page. A lot of government officials pay close attention to how many ‘likes and shares’ stories like this get on Facebook. Let’s use that to our advantage.

Breeders Behaving Badly, Again

I am OK with the idea that, if you are a breeder, you need to be held to some pretty high standards for care of your dogs, or else all the show win ribbons in the world don’t mean a whole lot.

Sadly, that hasn’t always been the case, as this story from the UK Daily Mail illustrates –

They were highly respected national champions and had even won at Crufts.

Yet, behind the scores of rosettes proudly hung around their terraced home, their beloved pets were living in unimaginable squalor.

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Charlie Sheen Starves Pug to Death?

I admit it –  this whole Charlie Sheen thing has been funny in a “Celebrity Train Wreck” kinda way, but when celebrities start threatening to kill their ex spouses, fun time is over.
The story in the NY Daily News today’s is also anything but funny, if what it reports is true:
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That’ll teach her

Mary Wild 'I will not cook dogs to death'

Mary Wild (on left) enters court

Here in south western Ontario, we’re in the middle of a blistering heat wave.  My dogs barely want to go outside long enough to pee, and I’ve stopped taking Bunny to work with me, for the time being (I worry about what might happen if I broke down at the side of the road, and had to wait overly long for assistance).

At just about this time last year, professional dog show handler Mary Wild decided that, rather than bring her eight show dog charges inside her air conditioned house for the night, she’d leave them in her van. Mary Wild lives in St. Louis, Missori, and if there’s one thing that I do know it’s that the hottest heat wave in Ontario can’t compare with the average summer day temperature in Missouri.

Mary Wild apparently didn’t get that memo, because she woke up the next day to find all eight dogs either dead or at death’s door from extreme heat exhaustion.  I don’t imagine she was too surprised, because testimony at her trial indicated she didn’t do a whole lot to try to keep them cool.

From the St. Louis Dispatch newspaper:

Aubrey Richardson, 17, testified that she had worked as Wild’s assistant, helping her groom, walk and otherwise care for the dogs. She had accompanied Wild to a dog show in Iowa City on June 20 and 21.

Richardson said that when they returned to Wild’s home late on the night of June 21, Wild said they would leave the dogs in the van because the garage was too hot. The normal routine when they were at Wild’s home in the first block of Kroeck Drive in Arnold was that the dogs stayed in crates in the garage.

Wild put six fans inside the van but shut the sliding van door that would normally be cracked open when dogs are left inside. Wild only rolled down a passenger side window enough to fit through the extension cord that powered the fans, Richardson said.

Richardson stayed at Wild’s house and said that when she went to check on the dogs in the morning, it felt “like opening an oven” when she opened the van’s sliding door, even though the fans were still running.

Her show dog, a Dalmatian named Sky, was one of the dogs that died. She cried when she testified about holding his body.

Wild and Richardson, as well as Wild’s mother, tried to revive the dogs for about 40 minutes before taking them to a vet, Richardson said.

She testified that she was shaken when she heard Wild and her mother talking on the ride to the vet’s office “about how much they were going to lose,” Richardson said.

So, what kind of punishment do you actually get for roasting your client’s dogs to death? Jail time? Big fines? Locked in your own van overnight with a fan for company and no windows rolled down?

Not even close.

If you’re a handler in Missouri, you get probation, some community service – and you have to write an essay saying how sorry you are and how it’s probably not a great idea to leave dogs locked in a hot car.


From the Dispatch:

The dog handler who left eight show dogs inside a hot van, causing seven of them to die, was sentenced Thursday to two years’ probation.

Mary Wild also must serve 80 hours of community service at the Jefferson County animal control center, as well as write a 750-word essay on how heat affects dogs and what she should have done to care for them properly.

Well, shit – that will obviously teach her. This is actually a stiffer sentence than was being predicted – we’d heard she was going to have to write “I will not cook dogs to death” on the court room chalkboard 500 times.

In other news, convicted murderers will now be sent to bed with no supper and no TV time.

Mosley the Bloodhound – Betrayed by Police

I don’t know if there’s a way to verify this —

If there is, this is one of the most heinous examples of abuse by police officers of an animal that I have ever seen.

Meet Mosley

Mosley - Abused Bloodhound

In Fenruary 2007, MidWest Bloodhound Rescue placed Mosley with the Washington County Sherrif’s Department in Potosi, Missouri. This seemed like a great placement for Mosley, who showed potential for Search and Rescue work.

Mosley had a localized outbreak of demodectic mange as a pup, but according to MBR it was all cleared up when Mosley was placed.

Here’s Mosley when he was placed with the Washington County Sherriff’s Department –

Mosley at the time of his placement with the Washington County Sherriffs Department

In January of this year, MBR was contacted by Capt. Charles LaLumondiere, the Washington County Sherrifs Department officer with responsibility for Mosley’s care and training.

According to the MBR website, Captain LaLumondiere demanded a refund of the adoption fee they had paid for Mosley, or another dog as a replacement. According to him, Mosley was no longer “pretty” enough to be a Sherrifs Department SAR dog.

As the MBR website details, on February 13, 2008 MBR was –

forced to reclaim Mosley from the department’s “training facility”, which turned out to be trailer in the middle of nowhere, with Mosley in a 4’x4′ dirt-floored pen. He had no food or water and there was no straw or bedding in the dog house. His condition was such that we rushed him to an emergency vet that night (2/13/08).

Here’s what Mosley looked like when MBR reclaimed him –

Mosley, February 2008

According to MBR, the formerly robust Mosley came back with a list of ailments that included –

  • malnutrition
  • dehydration
  • severe generalized demodectic mange (75% of his hair was gone)
  • seborrhea of the skin
  • cellulitis
  • frostbite
  • anemia
  • ear infections
  • eye infections

In the meantime, Mosley needs your help to recover. From the MBR website

All of us at MBR are absolutely sick about this situation and are commited to helping this poor boy recover. His initial vet fee was almost $700 and we have a long way to go. We can hopefully cure his health problems but his emotional stability at this point is unknown. MBR will do all that it can do to help return this lovely boy to the playful, wonderful dog that he was before being mistreated by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. If you are able to donate any amount of money towards Mosley’s ongoing medical bills, MBR would be deeply grateful.

For more information, please visit our website:

If you have something to say to the Washington County Sherriff’s Office in Potosi, here’s their website –

And here’s their contact information –

Business Phone








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