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Did you get the plate of that truck?

I am a sporadic writer. Occasionally, I go on a bender, and write four or five blog entries, which I post date for future publication. Thankfully, I have a few of those stockpiled at the moment, because Sean and I have both been hit – and hard – by the dreaded H1N1 virus. For those who’ve wondered “Is it like having the regular flu?”, the short answer would be “Yes, only in hell, and daily someone parks a big ass truck on your chest for fun”.

Sean, who regularly refers to me as ‘bubble girl’ because I seem to get every single cough or sniffle that goes around, has actually been hit harder than I have. He is taking this quite stoically (by which, of course, I mean ‘he’s whining like a baby and generally driving me insane, and this morning I threw a popsicle at his head’).

Hopefully we’ll be back on our feet soon, but in the meantime I’m not doing any email, or anything else that involves being out of bed for more than two hours. On the plus side, I’ve finished most of “Wolf Hall“, by Hilary Mantel, and man oh man – this is one good book. Either I’m feeling sympathetic for Thomas Cromwell, or my fever is back again.

Wish us well, and trust me – get the freakin’ shot. Anything has to be better than this.

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I work in the health care industry, I will NOT be getting the shot. When the Dr teaching the rn’s how to administer and run flu clinics, tells them he hopes they are all up on their CPR, no way I am putting that in me, not enough is known, the “healthy” people who have died, they died from complications, asthma, dehydration….as far as I am concerned and this is my opinion only…the media is once again fear mongering. In 1976 we had a swine flu outbreak, again we were told to get the shot, do you know that a large percentage of people who did ended up with Gillian Barre disease (sp) remember thalidamide ? We were told that was safe too.
    Hospitals are not even screening now for H1N1 unless you are under 5 yrs old or over 65 or compromised.
    Again this is my opinion and anyone considering or not considering getting the shot should speak to their doctor. It is a touchy subject, a lot of health care workers, paramedics rn’s are not getting it , alot are.
    I am of the opinion we over vaccinate everything from kids to pets after all it is a big big money industry.
    But that is again just my opinion.
    But I do hope that you and Sean get better quick………

  2. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Gahh, get well soon!

    My Dr-Hubby and I (he’s healthy but a health care provider, I’m asthmatic) will be getting the shot, as will our almost three year old with viral-induced asthma and out ten year old.

    Unfortunately, there is NO vaccine of ANY variety in Mendocino County. We HOPE it will arrive this week. My 5 year old got literally the LAST dose of FluMist intra-nasal H1N1 in the county.

    I get the regular flu shot yearly, this year was the first time in a long tome I had any reaction to it. Still worth it IMO. I had regular ol’ flu about 5 years ago and it went straight to my lungs so I’m on the pulmonologist’s call list for H1N1 shots when they do eventually get here.

    Mostly I’m just stressed about Nathan as he’s just under three with asthma. Once he has a shot in him, I’ll sleep a hell of a lot better. A good friends 6 year old grandson just spent two weeks out of school with it and was hospitalized for 5 days for dehydration and breathing trouble. My sister in-law (mild asthma) has it but is doing OK. Two other friends kids have it but so far are coping well at home.

    Feel better! If you’re up to throwing popsicles, you have undoubtedly turned the corner! XD

  3. Susan Snider
    Susan Snider says:

    Hope you are all feeling better soon. We all had it before the shot was available. And I swear that Solo had it too. He was lazing around for 3-4 days and then just snapped out of it. Very strange.
    Keep your chin up and rest.

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