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Lost Frenchie in PA Finds Its Way Home

A happy update on the lost Frenchie in Washington, PA:

I wanta say THANK YOU to everyone that helped in the recovery of Star who was lost in the woods in Washingtons Pa. for four long days. Thank you to everyone that sent emails with support . Special Thank you to Frank Gavlak and his wonderful wife and to Mary Smith for all their support and help, for the many hours spend walking in the back woods, for the help in getting a live trap set up and for Franks and his wife’s special care given to Star until I could make another trip to Pa. to bring her home. Also a big thank you to Kathy at animal control and to the wonderful guys at Tower Golf. Without each and every one of you Star might not have made it back home safe and sound.
Star made it back home late weds. night. It took two days before she would go outside alone and last night was the first time she brought me a toy and wanted to play since she’s been home. I’m sure she’ll be just fine in a few more days and back to her ole self.
Again, a special THANK YOU to each and every one of you………