Don’t sell puppies and kittens on Facebook!

A quick lesson in internet history.

When Craigslist and eBay first arrived on the scene, both allowed something that today would be unthinkable – they allowed pets to be sold via their websites. Both sites chose to ban pets being sold not because they had a sudden attack of their consciences, but because both were pressured by their users.

Let’s hope a similar tactic will work on Facebook, which has introduced new features into its Facebook Marketplace. What originally started as a simple site allowing Facebook members to sell household goods is now a ‘fully featured’ Internet Sales site – complete with lots of puppy and kitten for sale ads.

A quick search for French Bulldogs turned up 36 pages of ads, from across the country and around the world. If Marketplace is this popular already, you can imagine where this is headed.

There is a causes page calling for the end of sales of dogs on Facebook, which you can find here –

Do your own Facebook Marketplace search here –


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  1. YesBiscuit!
    YesBiscuit! says:

    My main question is this: Can you sort the 36 pages of Frenchie ads by price and cross-sort by location so I can find who is the cheapest and the closest to me? Also, I really want one that is not opposed to wearing bonnets. kthx.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    There are still animals being sold on craigslist, it’s just listed under the community section now instead of the for sale section.

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