French Bulldog Cards and Sculptures

When I lost Tessa, the cards and emails we received were truly comforting. It was really nice hearing about what an impact one little dog had made on so many lives.

One of the nicest gifts I received came in the mail one afternoon, in a small box. Inside, cradled in bubble wrap, was a tiny, handmade statue of Tessa. From the spots on her belly and the backs of her ears to the markings on her face, it is picture perfect, a little miniature gem of my most beautiful girl.

It sits now on top of the cedar memory box that holds Tessa’s remains, next to a photograph of Tessa and her brother, Hammer. Her birthday hat sits nearby, because it makes me smile, even when I miss her more than words can say.

Tessa’s statue came to me as a gift from Jennifer Price’s son, Nigel.  Jennifer is mom to Rumble (litter mate to Butters, Pixie and Jellie, and son of Penelope). Her son Nigel is an incredibly gifted artist – I can’t even imagine the time and patience it must take to ensure every detail on a tiny statue like this is painstakingly correct. In addition to sculptures, Nigel does the most amusing, adorable French Bulldog themed greeting cards. A portion of the sale of each of his Etsy store items benefits French Bulldog rescue.

Here’s Nigel’s Birthday card, which made me smile as soon as I saw it:

Nigel Price greeting card

You can visit Nigel’s store here, on Etsy –

None of Nigel’s statues are shown on his Etsy page at the moment, but I saw one of his custom Boxer statues, and for a split second, I honestly thought it was a photograph. Really, he’s that good. Go and take a look, and don’t forget, your purchases help to support rescue, and a budding enthusiastic young artist. Two good deeds, with one purchase 🙂


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