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Elliott Gets Some! (points, that is)

Elliott did admirably well this weekend, even when he was (rather ineptly) handled by me. While we didn’t take points on Saturday, we did meet some lovely new people, including a couple with an adorable, animated little brindle bitch they’d imported from Europe. She showed like a dream and was pretty as a picture, and it’s a wonder Elliott could manage to function at all, he was so besotted with her.

Sunday both Elliott and I had our minds more firmly on the game, and even with me on the end of his leash, Elliott handled with aplomb and style. He impressed the judge as well as me, and took Best of Winners and Best of Opposite. So, we’re now on our way to his Canadian Championship – 3 1/2 years after he finished his American one! As Barb informed me, this weekend was literally the very first time he’d been back in the ring in three and half years, and since I barely practiced more than 20 minutes with him leading up to the weekend, I’m pleased he did as well as he did. Next weekend we’re in Brampton, then on hiatus til after Christmas.

By the way, congratulations to Ch Petit Cherie Nevertheless, the Frenchie specials bitch, who took a group third on Sunday.

Dexter also did well this weekend in Michigan. He didn’t take any points, but he placed in his class and was happy to be in the ring. Barb is thinking of taking him down to Florida for the so called ‘Sunshine’ circuit, which should be fun.

Let’s hope my big little guy finishes up fast, so he can come back home for lap time and snuggles.

Showing Elliott was fun – it’s been years off from the circuit for me as well as for him, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the buzz and excitement of the ring. I love seeing other Frenchies, and talking with other owners, and the bigger shows like Caledon always have far too many tempting booths full of fun stuff to max your credit cards out on.

Now the only problem is that there aren’t any more shows within a reasonable driving distance until March! Maybe I should head to Florida with Barb…

Of course, there’s always March to look forward to – when Butters, Rumble and Heart will ALL be old enough to show! Hey, I wonder if I can harass talk Jennifer into putting Rumble into conformation?

All of the Caledon show photos are over on Flickr, by the way. Tomorrow we’ll catch up with Ms. Jellie Bean Parfait and see how life as a pampered West Coast Princess is treating her.

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Well done Elliot and Carol….and you never know I may just try some conformation with Rumble as well as obedience, agility and Rally O.

  2. kasia
    kasia says:

    Congrats! Carol, which show and where is happening this weekend in Brampton? Fred and I might be able to come and cheer Elliot on if it’s so close! Elliot’s face is so similar to Mooi’s – I can only hope Mooi will fill out half as nicely as Elliot has when he’s fully mature.

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    Nice work there! Elliot ol’ boy, keep your mind where it belongs during rounds, plenty of time to ogle in between…

  4. kasia
    kasia says:

    shoot, brantford is a little far for us this weekend. too bad! we will definitely try to catch you in KW. Good luck this weekend!

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