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McLovin Gets None & Welcome to Jellieville

Poor Elliott. All is not well in the world of McLovin’, for one of Elliott’s harem of wimmin folk is in season, and yet we are standing between him and the sweet, sweet loving he craves.

We have explained to Elliott that motherhood, alas, is not on Journey’s agenda of ‘to do’ activities.

Eat a lot? Check.

Snore loudly? Check.

Paw repeatedly at your leg until you pet her? Double check.

Motherhood? Sorry, no check.

Elliott refuses to listen to reason, and instead is pining, pining, pining for his true love. He paws at doors. He whines from other rooms. He patrols the fence line, shrieking of his undying devotion to the entire, uncaring world. All to no avail – Journey had a short 24 hours where she showed a slight spark of interest in his wooing, but that time has now passed, and any attempts at inappropriate behaviour on Elliott’s part are met with a whirling, snarling, deeply unhappy reception from Journey.

Let’s just hope he gets back on his food soon, or he’ll be so far off his game this weekend that there’s little point of showing him. Life as resident stud dog has its hardships, as Elliott would be the first to tell you.

Meanwhile, over on the west coast Jellie Bean McCute continues her reign as cutest little doggie diva San Diego has ever seen.

As her besotted new Mommy Dara herself says “I have never been so in love in my life”.

Yes, that’s always the first step on the path to a lifetime of total and utter French Bulldog enslavement – entrap them with the cuteness.

Ms. Jellie Bean has her very own Flickr page, which you’ll find here, and just to add to the unbearable adorability of it all, she also has her own Cafe Press Store!

Go on over and check it out – a percent of all profits go to French Bulldog rescue!

Here at home, Heart has been assiduously wooing Sean into becoming one of her minions. She already knew she had me under her thumb, so it was time to move on to Daddy. In these photos, she’d just woken up from napping in the curve of his neck, and was making unbearably adorable blinky faces at us. Honestly, is there anything more irresistible than a sleepy Frenchie puppy?

All the photos are over on Flickr.

ps: If anything happens to me over the next few months, you’ll know who to blame.

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Hat tip to Fuzzy Logic for the warning.

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