A Springtime French Bulldog update



Think of this as a sort of springtime round up news post. Technically, is it really spring if there were still snow flurries this morning? I am going to choose to humor myself, and pretend that it still counts.

Since spring is (more or less) here, we’re all watching Pickle, hoping she decides to co operate with us and come into season some time soon. If and when she does, she’ll be bred the handsome Bullit, who you can see on the Robb Isle website. I’ll post details on the list if and when she (and mother nature) decide to co operate.

In rescue news, Ulric has had a few applications, but he’s still waiting for his forever home. This is a gorgeous, well behaved, incredibly intelligent boy – he just needs the perfect home. No cats or other dogs are his only real limitations. You can see him on our club’s rescue site, at http://frenchbulldogscanada.com

Also in ECFBR news, Holmes is coming along nicely. He’s gaining weight steadily, and made it through his neuter with flying colors. His tumor was removed, and fingers crossed it is believed to be benign. Unfortunately, we also discovered that he needs additional surgeries – a palate section, to improve his quality of life. We are going to start fund raising for that this weekend, since we’ve pretty much spent all of the other money we raised getting him to the point he’s at now. Prices for palate surgery are all over the map – from almost $5,000 at the University to less than $700 if we get it done stateside. As a small rescue, it looks like we’ll be making a trip across the border with Holmes.

A full update, including photos, is coming for Holmes this weekend, but for now you can see him at our club site, at http://frenchbulldogscanada.com

Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club is planning a Match for after the Grey Bruce Kennel Club dog show this summer. Matches are great fun – you can bring out your puppies, get them some ring practice, and get some practice on your rusty handling skills at the same time. I am planning to host a small get together at my place after the match. Details will be coming soon.

In final news, we have a lovely adult girl looking for a retirement home some time later this spring. She’s great with kids of all ages, likes cats (mostly she ignores them) and is good with male dogs. Big dogs make her slightly nervous, but she’ll ignore them if they ignore her. She’s crate trained, house broken, walks well on leash and is very attentive. She does have some separation anxiety, so someone who is retired or works from home would be ideal. This is a sweet, beautiful, loving little dog. Contact me if you’d like more details. She will NOT be shipped, so you must driving distance to Southern Ontario. I love the BunBun to pieces, but she and Penelope have developed a hatred that can only be described as “to the death”, and keeping them separated means that someone has to spend half of each day in the dog room, in isolation. I want more for her than that.