French Bulldog Antiques – Keebler Lux Clocks

This is one of my favorite collectibles – my French Bulldog ‘cuckoo’ style clock. Mine is the one pictured on the top row, right side, with the kittens on the see saw and the walnut case.

Lux Keebler Antique French Bulldog Clocks

Lux Keebler Antique French Bulldog Clocks, Courtesy

This clock was made in the 1930’s by the Lux Clock company, for manufacturer August C. Keebler –

The Lux Co. also manufactured this exact clock with the Lux name on the back of the can covering the movement. Molded Syroco wood face, ornamental brass weights and chains. Colors: Walnut colored case, red roof, green leaves and red berries, or all walnut colored case. Bulldog painted brown, white, or black. Animation: ¾ inch high kittens made of heavy paper and are riveted on to teeter totter which rocks back and forth as pendulum swings, also came with 1 inch high kittens which is extremely hard to come by. This clock is hard to find with the original kittens, as a lot of them have the kittens missing or have been replaced with repro kittens. This clock also comes with a bone instead of the kittens.


From Antique Clocks –

Lux formed an association with the Keebler Company in Chicago. August C. Keebler, had Lux make clocks for him. A reciprocal agreement stated that each company could sell the same clocks, but they must be marketed with different names. Compressed molded wood was used to manufacture these clocks.

One of their pendulette novelty clocks featured a black cat swinging its pendulum tail as its eyes moved. These clocks used a variety of themes such as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Woody Woodpecker, the Empire State Building, castles, bulldogs, clowns, flowers, pirates, and other objects and animals.

Clocks other than pendulettes featured current events, comic characters, patriotic themes, the Boy Scouts, and well known people ranging from Sally Rand (the fan dancer) to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

These clocks have soared in value, with some  going for as much as $2,500.00, but you can still sometimes find working Keebler French Bulldog clocks for under $200.

I think they’re a really worthwhile investment for the serious Frenchie collector just getting started.

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