Bunny’s Puppies at 5 Weeks


raw fed French Bulldog puppies

The kids enjoying their breakfast - raw turkey and goats milk

Bunny’s kids are growing up so quickly!

Last week, they were interested in eating mainly as a novelty, but this week everyone (almost everyone) attacks the food dish like a pack of piranhas as soon as I put it down. Frank is the only holdout (there’s one in every litter). He’d much rather just have his mom feed him, thanks – all that sticking your head into a bowl seems like too much work. In part because of this, he’s no longer the ‘big’ boy – his brother Friday is now the larger of the two. It’s not like Frank is thin – he’s just not bigger than his brother any more. Billie, on the other hand, looks forward to eating like an addict looks forward to crack. As soon as we enter the room, she screams like a banshee until you drop the dish in front of her, at which time she’ll actually climb right into it to stake out a prime eating spot if you don’t stop her.

At just under five weeks old, the kids still toddle on their feet a bit unsteadily. It’s adorable to see them climbing into their litter box to poop, especially since doing so is quite a production number for them. It’s not easy climbing in and out of that doorway when the edge is the height of your shoulder! I love litter box trained puppies. Between that and their raw diet, it’s a joy come into their room every morning. No big messy piles of poop with footprints through the middle of it, and no sopping wet newspaper to peel off of the floor.

I am working on installing the new version of iLife, and giving myself a crash course in how to use it, so hopefully a video update this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy some photos!


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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Oh Carol you are so blessed! They are gorgeous. I got quite a chuckle picturing Billie attacking her food dish like an addict. I so wish I could kiss every single little face.

  2. Marie Finnegan
    Marie Finnegan says:

    I am SO glad I can get my puppy fix here! Love, love, LOVE your photos! I only wish I could cuddle and squish them a little. (more cuddling than squishing of course)

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