French Bulldog Puppy – Palooza!

Delilah’s smallest French Bulldog Puppy, Doris

Doris, the smallest girl in Delilah’s litter, is now living next door at her Auntie Penelope’s place. Penelope’s puppies are all smaller than Delilah’s (smaller in a ‘petite’ manner, not in an underfed manner), and it’s a kinder, gentler world over there for a puppy who was getting routinely kicked off of the choice nipples by her rowdier siblings. Since the move, Doris has gained a full 100 grams. Yay Doris! Hopefully she won’t teach too many bad habits to Penelope’s kids (who sort of remind me of the Flanders kids, Rod and Todd, from the Simpsons).

As promised, here are videos on both sets of puppies. At the moment, everyone is spoken for except for one single brindle boy from Delilah’s litter. Personally, my favorite guy is Mr. Orange – video explaining why he is my favorite coming soon.

As always, all of the latest photographs are over on Flickr.

Penelope’s French Bulldog Puppies

Delilah’s French Bulldog Puppies

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