Orange You Glad to Meet Me?

Mr. Orange is rapidly becoming our favorite French Bulldog puppy. This video illustrates why…

* note to those who have asked – these noises are NOT growling. They’re a sort of rabid chipmunk noise that all Frenchie puppies make pre-bark. Weird noises and Frenchies go together like chocolate and peanut butter…

French Bulldog Puppy – Palooza!

Delilah’s smallest French Bulldog Puppy, Doris

Doris, the smallest girl in Delilah’s litter, is now living next door at her Auntie Penelope’s place. Penelope’s puppies are all smaller than Delilah’s (smaller in a ‘petite’ manner, not in an underfed manner), and it’s a kinder, gentler world over there for a puppy who was getting routinely kicked off of the choice nipples by her rowdier siblings. Since the move, Doris has gained a full 100 grams. Yay Doris! Hopefully she won’t teach too many bad habits to Penelope’s kids (who sort of remind me of the Flanders kids, Rod and Todd, from the Simpsons).

As promised, here are videos on both sets of puppies. At the moment, everyone is spoken for except for one single brindle boy from Delilah’s litter. Personally, my favorite guy is Mr. Orange – video explaining why he is my favorite coming soon.

As always, all of the latest photographs are over on Flickr.

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French Bulldog Puppy Dreaming

Nicole shot a quick video of one of Penelope’s puppies having a bad dream. This one is best with the volume turned on.


Bunny’s Puppies at 3 1/2 Weeks

Here’s a short video of Bunny’s kids at nearly four weeks old. Sorry for the fuzzy video quality – I’m losing resolution when I decode the video clips. An update to the new version of iMovie will hopefully fix this!

The Puppies Eat Their First Meal

Well, it’s official – the puppers are growing up. Monday, they ate their very first meal – a tasty slurry made from raw beef mixed with warm, raw whole goat’s milk. Think ‘beef goat milk smoothie’.

Alvin (aka Striker) took to it like a champ – you could almost see him thinking “Thank god, it’s food I don’t have to chase across the whelping box”.

Teddy also got the hang of it right away – you could almost see him thinking “thank god, it’s food buffet style (whatever a buffet is)”.

Simon, on the other hand? Not so impressed. His basic opinion seems to be “I have fresh food on tap from mommy – why should I work so hard?”. He takes a little bit of coaxing, and even then he’s still more interested in licking left overs off of his brothers’ faces. Oh well, some kids just are slower to mature.

Here’s a short video, taken during that very first meal.