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French Bulldog Websites… a LOT of French Bulldog websites!

OK, there comes a time when you wake up and realize “Holy crap. I need to get a life.” For me, that moment came when I sat down and really took a look at how many French Bulldog websites I have created.

It started out simply enough – we shared info space on bulldog.org *, which was one of – if not the – very first dog info pages on the web. This morphed into a stand alone French Bulldog informational site, with my kennel tacked on as an afterthought. Then, I decided that having my kennel info included on a .org site was unethical, since the very intent of .org domain names is that they are non profit. With this in mind, I created our first .com kennel website, almost seven and a half years ago. Due to a combination of timing and inattention, I lost our first Frenchie specific domain name, so created a new site, which focused more on games and fun.

From there, it all sort of snowballed…

Now, today, I’m rather afraid to admit that I have currently on the go nine French Bulldog specific websites. Yes, that’s right – nine. This number doesn’t include the ones that are still in development, like the Wiki site, the Forum site, the Missing/Stolen site, the Bookshelf app site, the… well, you get the idea. I think that I currently own about fifteen Frenchie specific domain names. It’s possible that this is some sort of addiction, and that I should get help.

In the meantime, feel free to go and take a look around. Oh, and if you have an idea for a really great Frenchie themed website, I’d love to know about it. After all, can there really ever be too many Frenchie sites on the web?

Bullmarket French Bulldogs
News and updates from Bullmarket French Bulldogs. We’re a small, home based French Bulldog ‘kennel’ dedicated to healthy, typey French Bulldogs. Get the latest news and litter info here, and find out what our dogs are up to…

French Bulldog Z – For People Who are CraZy About Frenchies!
Games, puzzles, screensavers, the French Bulldog Wiki, Links Directory and more – Everything French Bulldog related, all in one place! Visit us and add your dog’s profile and photo gallery, and join in the discussions in the forums and in chat!

Frenchie Friends Community on Ning
Add photos, create profiles, write blog entries, and hang out with other Frenchie owners from around the world. An off shoot of the Friends of French Bulldogs mailing list on Yahoo!.

French Bulldog Links Directory
Help us to compile the world’s largest directory of human reviewed French Bulldog web links. Breeders, rescues, clubs, informational sites and more.

Flat Faced Veterinarians Database
Find a brachycephalic (flat faced) experienced Veterinarian for your French Bulldog. Search veterinarians by specialty, location or referrals. Find a vet, or add yours to the list.

French Bulldog Photos
Nothing but photos of French Bulldogs! Over 3,000 user submitted photographs of Frenchies from around the world. Create your own album, and share photos of French Bulldogs with the world.

Frenchie Wars!
Battle it out for title of the world’s cutest French Bulldog! Submit your cutest, most adorable French Bulldog photos, and then watch as they go head to head against other contributors!

French Bulldog TeeVee
It’s the all French Bulldog, all the time channel – your number one stop for French Bulldog video clips. Watch the infamous Frenchie Death Yodel, the French Bulldog Movie Clips compilation, or submit your own movies! Coming soon – the Frenchie Film Festival, complete with prizes!!!

Frogster – Just for French Bulldogs!
It’s like Dogster, only.. well, you get the idea. Add a profile for your French Bulldog, and meet other Frenchies!

* Note that the waybackmachine’s archives only go back to ’98 – our first Frenchie site went on line in late ’96, and bulldog.org went on line in roughly 1992. That’s practically ancient history, in internet terms…