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French Bulldogs Are Like A Box of Chocolates…

Well, so much for my plans this weekend to grind up and freeze a great big bucket of green lamb tripe. Lamb tripe, by the way, is a really fancy way of saying “Stinky, unprocessed lamb stomach”, and “green” is code for “complete with partially digested stomach contents”. And yes, it smells just about the way it sounds – possibly worse.

Sean, who I fondly refer to as ‘garbage guts’ for his cast iron stomach and willingness to eat almost anything, gagged and retched when I cheerfully told him that the big, reeking bucket of guts was more or less just what he’d eaten when he taste tested Sailor’s canned green tripe. The real retching happened when I asked him if he’d be tasting this batch, too. I think that can be taken as a ‘no’.

At any rate, we never did get the lamb stomachs ground up, because Bunny decided to surprise us by going into labor three days early.

In spite of my panic attacks about her early labor, she managed to deliver five adorable babies, and after an initial twelve hours of telling me “those things aren’t mine – you look after them’, she’s back in the swing of being a supermom. She’s such a good girl – keeps her babies tucked underneath her, almost entirely hidden away, and cleans them at the first sign of squeaking.

I had assumed Bunny and Luther might produce brindles, possibly a brindle pied. What I wasn’t expecting was this little beauty –

French Bulldog colors – who the heck knows. You can’t even begin to guess, at least not most of the time. You just have to sit back and wait for them to get here.

Here’s the rest of the photos, down below. All of the images will be in one great big collection, which you’ll find here.

Oh, and this litter’s names? Neil Gaiman book titles.

A) because I love Neil Gaiman
B) because I love the name ‘Coraline’
C) because I just got my copy of “The Graveyard Book“, and it’s so good I’m already checking his site for news of sequels.

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  1. Hope
    Hope says:

    You’re going to have to read the Nightside books by Simon R. Green, if you haven’t already. Love all of his stuff (esp. Deathstalker), but you’ll adore these: http://www.bluemoonrising.nl/nightside.html
    Also: still think tripe sounds icky.
    And: If your girls keep popping out BMF boys, I’m going to lose all sense of urgency. Just saying.
    Most important: Congratulations! They’re gorgeous and I want to snuggle them all! Especially super-mom Bun Bun!

    Hope’s last blog post..

  2. Hope
    Hope says:

    You’ve got to try the Nightside books by Simon R. Green. Love all of his stuff (esp. the Deathstalker series) but Nightside’ll be right up your alley.
    Also: tripe still sounds icky.
    And: If your girls keep popping out BMF boys, I’m going to lose all sense of urgency. Just saying.
    Most important: Congratulations to you and super-mom Bun Bun! They’re gorgeous, snuggly, and immediately inspire puppy lust.

    Hope’s last blog post..

  3. ellen
    ellen says:

    I’m trying to convince my husband that this litter of yours is a SIGN, as they were born on our 1st wedding anniversary. He remains unconvinced, operating under some false assumption that two French Bulldogs is enough. Silly man ;o)

    Beautiful puppies! Cannot wait to see more pictures.

    all the best,

    ellen’s last blog post..crazy on you.

  4. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Oh oh oh another Rumble….how awesome would they look together in an obedience brace!!!
    I don’t need another puppy
    I don’t need another puppy
    I don’t need another puppy


  5. Julie R
    Julie R says:

    Adorable puppies – I can’t wait to see tons of videos and pics of cute little puppies over the coming weeks!

  6. Zoe's mom
    Zoe's mom says:

    Oh, so cute! I can smell the puppy breath from here. And, if I hadn’t already added my little 14 wk-old pied, adorable, deaf, spitfire to my pack, I’d be clammoring to get on your wait list. I LOVE the redheads! I need one of my own.

  7. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Oh, they are sooooo cute. Any girls????? My heart aches for a little girl. Congratulations to you and Bunny on such a beautiful litter.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Mine do, too. Every time I see them snorking up tripe like it’s a porterhouse steak, it makes me wonder why I ever bother fussing over their food. Just find the stinkiest, foulest substance known to man, put in a dish, and voila! Dinner is served.

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