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I am being stalked by Dave Mathews, and new puppy photos

I love my satellite radio. I have to love it, because the alternative, out here in the redneck backwoods middle o’ no place where I live, is rather limited.

When it comes to radio, I can choose from:

a) classic rock, which is code for ‘crap from the seventies that people who drive Camaros listen to’
b) country, which is code for ‘crap that people who drive pick up trucks listen to’
c) CBC radio, which is code for ‘like NPR, but without the Car Guys or a budget’

So, I listen to XM Satellite, mourning the lack of anything approaching Canadian content (hello, Americans! I’d like to apologize, on behalf of my entire country, for the proliferation of Nickelback on your radio stations. In my defense, I voted to have Chad dumped on an ice flow with an angry polar bear and a plastic spork for self defense, but I was out voted). I flip around, finding some Feist here, a little Social Distortion there, and my new personal favorite artist, “Matisyahu“, who is definitely among the top ten Orthodox Jewish Reggae singers in the world.

Sean has different musical tastes than I do. I don’t like to disparage the man, but let me just say one thing – Journey. He really, really likes Journey. He also really, really likes Dave Mathews, enough to have put Dave Mathews on ‘artist alert’, which means that any time any satellite station plays a Dave Mathews song, the radio ‘beeps’ and displays the song title and station it’s playing on.

I’ve learned something in the past few weeks – at any time of the day or the night, someone, someplace on Sirius or XM is playing a Dave Mathews song. It’s usually ‘Crash Into Me’, but not always. Sometimes, it’s a live jam band version of one the very talented Mr. Mathews’ songs. Sometimes, it’s acoustic. Whatever it is, somewhere right now, it’s being played. Which is fun, in that it means that every two seconds my satellite radio unit will beep, eager to ensure I don’t miss the chance to wash myself in Dave’s very special, middle of the road goodness.

Thankfully, I found the manual and managed to remove Dave from the favorite artist playlist, because I was about to toss the unit out the window. Let’s see how Sean enjoys being beeped at every time a Nickelback song plays.

More Bunny pups photos down below – and they’re all organized into one big collection, right here on Flickr.

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I didn’t know satellite radios could do cool things such as watch for your fav artists. That’s kind of cool, but i totally believe that it would get irritating quick.
    I want that BMF puppy. so cute.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    The song I think is played more than any other on XM is Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right.” Ken programmed THAT one in on our car XM, and every time the sucker beeps, we say it in unison. Maybe I’ll tag DM as well and do a comparison…

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