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Friday Zen: One Day

“One Day” is possibly the most beautiful song I’ve heard in recent years.

It might possibly be more beautiful because of its dichotomy – it’s a reggae song about reconciliation between Jews and Muslims, performed by an Orthodox Hassidic Rabbi named Matisyahu (who was born Matthew Paul Miller).

Matisyahu’s full story is much more weird and wonderful than I can convey in a sentence, so read more about him on his own website.

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  1. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    Give me Bob Marley any day. At least he’s not some silly Catholic boy pretending to be a Hasidic Jewish Rabbi pretending to be a reggae singer. Great shtick, nice voice, but could we have a little more honesty please?

    Clovis sez, I’m a lost soul pretending to be a Pug longing for the soul of a French Bulldog. But all of my doubts and fears could easily be solved by a little plate of food.

    Cletus sez, oy!

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