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Friday Zen – Shelter Pet’s Second Chance

It’s always nice to see a death row shelter pet get a second chance.

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  1. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    This video sends chills through me. To be in so much fear and to have that mistaken for aggression. A very fortunate little dog, I wish that all of them could be so lucky.

  2. alex
    alex says:

    that any dog would be so terrified is so tragic. that anyone would recognize this and save that dog is truly a Blessing. wow, my hair is standing up on my arms. i wish i could thank them personally.
    wow one dog at a time… got to keep saying that cus its easy to feel overwhelmed. what’s even scarier is the big dogs feel that scared too, but who is going to pull them into a lap?

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