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Happily Ever After for Peanut

Peanut and Denise

Peanut and Denise

Peanut, our Frenchie foster -slash- whirling dervish house guest, went off to her forever home over the weekend. I got her as far as Beamsville, and FBV foster volunteer Karen took her to Buffalo, NY, where she met up with Peanut’s new mom, Denise.

As sad as we are to see her go (right up until Saturday morning, Sean kept mentioning that “Peanut didn’t take up any room – we might as well just keep her”. There’s also the chance he might have hinted that we could give Sailor a dye job and send her instead of Peanut), it’s nice to know she has a home where she can be the divine diva she’s always wanted to be.

Peanut now lives in Massachussets, with mom Denise and big brother, Romeo. She’s also managed to snag herself an honorary “Grandma and Grampa”, and she obviously knows which side her bread is buttered on, because our lap shy little girl instantly crawled up onto Denise’s dad’s lap and made herself right at home.

Manipulation, thy name is Frenchie.

Happy trails, Peanut – long may you spin in circles, my adorable little weirdo!

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  1. The Cletus Residence
    The Cletus Residence says:

    I interviewed Denise in her home to see if she and Romeo would be good enough for m’lady Peanut. They passed with flying colors – how could you not love a Frenchie owner who calls ahead for her Starbucks coffee so that the clerk can bring it out to the car and her French Bulldog not have to spend ONE MINUTE sitting in the car by himself?

    Cletus and Clovis give two paws up!

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