Happily Ever After for Peanut

Peanut and Denise

Peanut and Denise

Peanut, our Frenchie foster -slash- whirling dervish house guest, went off to her forever home over the weekend. I got her as far as Beamsville, and FBV foster volunteer Karen took her to Buffalo, NY, where she met up with Peanut’s new mom, Denise.

As sad as we are to see her go (right up until Saturday morning, Sean kept mentioning that “Peanut didn’t take up any room – we might as well just keep her”. There’s also the chance he might have hinted that we could give Sailor a dye job and send her instead of Peanut), it’s nice to know she has a home where she can be the divine diva she’s always wanted to be.

Peanut now lives in Massachussets, with mom Denise and big brother, Romeo. She’s also managed to snag herself an honorary “Grandma and Grampa”, and she obviously knows which side her bread is buttered on, because our lap shy little girl instantly crawled up onto Denise’s dad’s lap and made herself right at home.

Manipulation, thy name is Frenchie.

Happy trails, Peanut – long may you spin in circles, my adorable little weirdo!

It’s Princess Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Peanut the French Bulldog is Available for Adoption

Princess Peanut

Just in case you missed the part where I said she was “playful”!

Remember, Peanut is available for adoption via French Bulldog Village –

Princess Peanut Seeks a Throne

Princess Peanut the Foster French Bulldog

Princess Peanut the Foster French Bulldog

I thought I’d post an update on Peanut, our current foster dog.

Peanut arrived in Canada almost three weeks ago. In that time, she’s been just a joy to have around. She’s one of the happiest little dogs I’ve ever met – when you call her name or pay her any attention, she gets so excited she hops up and down! She has her own song – the Peanut Butter Jelly! song – and when you sing it to her she spins in circles and leaps into the air.

Peanut loves everybody – she gets along with every dog in the house, she sniffs the cat but otherwise ignores her, and she even tolerates the bratty puppy chewing on her leg. She’s beautifully house broken, asking to go outside by scratching at the door. During the day, if no one is here to let her out she uses the wee wee pads which are located near the door. She eats well in her crate, and was happily sleeping in a crate, as well – although she seems to enjoy having been upgraded to the couch 🙂 She walks nicely on a leash, and enjoys investigating the creek near our house.

She’s a real lover – she adores getting her head scratched, and her tummy rubbed.

Peanut is now eating raw – in fact, she’s taken to it so well that when Sean tried to feed her some kibble the other day, she tipped the bowl over! We’re happy to see her embracing her inner Diva 🙂

Peanut came to us with a cough, which has lingered  slightly in the form of an occasional dry hack. The vet thinks it will just take time for her lungs to finish healing up completely.  Other than that, and a bit of an infection in her one dropped ear, she seems perfectly healthy.

I think she’d do well in almost any home, so long as any resident dogs are good natured and  not too rough with her. She’s untested with children, but with her happy nature I think any gentle children who are well behaved with dogs would be fine. She’s indifferent towards cats. Peanut is looking for someone who can overlook her outer deformities (her dropped ear, and her one blind eye) and see her true inner beauty. She’s a sweet natured, happy, well adjusted dog who is going to make someone a wonderful best friend.

There are some photos of Peanut on the FBV site, and I’ll be taking some this weekend (along with a video of her dancing to her ‘theme song’).