Help Bring Pierre the French Bulldog to Canada

Do you remember Pierre? He’s the homeless Korean French Bulldog who was left tied to a shelter gate, infested with heartworm and suffering in the heat.

We had a few people express interest in Pierre, but so far, no one has stepped up and said that they were willing to bring him over from Korea to adopt him. I knew that time was running out for Pierre – his foster parents are expatriates (as are almost all of the Animal Rescue Korea volunteers and foster homes), and they are leaving Korea in mid October. Sadly, they are unable to take Pierre with them, and with no other foster homes available, the only option will be to return him to the shelter he was originally rescued from.

Pierre will be right back where he started, and with no foster homes on the horizon and very few Koreans interested in adopting an adult dog of any breed, Pierre’s time at the kill shelter would likely not end well.

Pierre the Korean French Bulldog needs your help

Pierre at the original shelter, where he was left tied to the front gate


Pierre has overcome abandonment, heart worm, and separation anxiety. He has gone from a fearful, insecure little dog into a smart, obedient, playful clown. I can’t bear the thought of him ending his days back at shelter, cold and alone, so I’ve gone and done something that a lot of people are probably going to find stupid – I’ve said we’ll try to raise the funds to bring him to Canada.

OK, I know – I know that there are a lot of French Bulldogs in North America in need, but luckily for us, most of them are not in Canada. I know some people find the idea of “importing” rescue dogs to be morally repugnant, but really – how can you not want to help this little guy? We have a ton of really wonderful people here in Canada that I am SURE would be willing to give Pierre a loving, stable home – and all we need to do is get him here to give him a chance at that life.

It’s not going to be cheap – airfare for Pierre from Korea to Toronto is about $1,000 Canadian, and we also have to get him his crate, his export certificate, his rabies shots and his import paperwork. On top of that, I’ve said we’ll try to donate Pierre’s adoption fee back to Animal Rescue Korea, so they can continue trying to pull dogs from the Daegu kill shelter (and occasionally from the meat market, but that’s a story for another day).

If you can, please help us to try to raise the funds to bring Pierre to Canada. I know it’s a long shot, and I know that there are going to be people who disagree with us bringing him here. I realize that some people are going to tell us that expatriating Pierre is a ‘waste’ of money, time and effort, but I can also tell you that for Pierre, and the people who eventually end up adopting him, it will be anything but a waste.

So, if you can, please help us to raise the money for Pierre’s airfare – and let’s see if we can get him Canadian citizenship! Remember, if you can’t donate, you can still help – spread the word about Pierre by Twitter and on Facebook. Pierre would look awfully cute in a Leafs Jersey!

Please use the paypal button below to donate, or via our chip in.


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  1. ivana hasek
    ivana hasek says:

    send me a number of account. I have no card, I am loosing everything I am in czech rpublic, If you ask for help Maide Sestak, I can pay through her.
    f you send me adress,I can send you vaccine, chip and other things, which he need to leave Korea.

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