Pierre is coming to Canada!

I have been off line most of the day, because I seem to have angered the satellite internet Gods (again).

I got back on line about ten minutes ago, and thought “OK, I’d better go see how far we are from raising Pierre’s airfare, so I can decide how much groveling I have left to do”. And what do I see? We raised it. All of it. Since this morning.

I am just simply blown away. There is no other word for it. I am actually speechless, and anyone who knows me knows THAT never happens. Topping it all off, I have dozens, DOZENS of emails from people saying “let me know as soon as he gets here – I will give him a home”. And, “If you fall short, let us know – we’ll get you the rest of his airfare”.

Everytime I think I have seen the worldwide Frenchie community come together and do something spectacular, you guys pull something like this, and blow me out of the water with your overwhelming generosity, not just of pocketbook, but of spirit.

So, here we go! Pierre, buddy, get a sweater – because you are coming to Canada!!

And again – thank you all, so much. I know there are still one or two people who think that it’s idiotic to bring a dog all the way from Korea, but shut up, haters. We’re getting that dog out.

Oh, and here’s Pierre – saying “Thank you, Canada! And maybe now I won’t need to get shaved in the summer!”

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  1. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    This is the first time I’ve been to your site. Hope Pierre’s trip to Canada’s gone well. I’m glad a lot of folks offered to help to get him out of Korea.

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