HSUS – No More Lies Widgets are Ready

UPDATE: The widget service I used to make the HSUS widgets has gone subscription only, so they are no longer available. I am working on a new, simple java script version, which I’ll add to this post when they are complete. In the meantime, go and read Humane Watch – devoted to exposing the truth about Peta and the HSUS

No matter what the HSUS might have been at one point in time or another, what they are now is a group of con artists, sucking money out of sympathetic donors to ‘save dogs’ that they have nothing to do with, no shelter to place them in, and no intention of helping.

Where I come from, we call that ‘fraud’, and it’s no different than people who raise money for ‘Tsunami relief’ who don’t use it for anything of the like (or, hey! It’s like people who raise money for ‘Hurricane Katrina’ animals that they have no intention of helping. Hello again, HSUS!).

Morality is based on truth — aggressive fund raising for dogs you have ZERO to do with is bull. You don’t get to raise money to ‘save’ dogs on one hand, while calling for their death with other — not without some of us calling ‘Shenanigans!‘ on you.

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  1. ellen
    ellen says:

    Thanks for these! Any chance for a one column, smaller vertical format? Sort of a combination of these too? I think it would work better on my blog layout.

    • Monica Burt
      Monica Burt says:

      Hello. I am fighting with the reptile nation against the HSUS & bills SR373/HR2811. Can you please make me a long banner type widget with a couple small pictures of a boa & a python? My reptiles & my adopted dogs & cats thank you 🙂

  2. EmilyS
    EmilyS says:

    FANTASTIC! It’s almost enough to make me start a webpage just to use it!

    one small quibble: “Dogtown” is not a group; it’s what Best Friends calls one of the sections in their sanctuary (and it’s the name of the TV program).

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Yeah, I know that about Dogtown — to be really honest, I was aiming for something that the ‘general public’ would have heard of. Most won’t know Best Friends, but a good many of them will have seen ‘Dogtown’, and know how many APBTs they foster there.

      That probably makes me guilty of pandering to the masses – does it help if it’s for a good cause?

  3. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    btw, it was a good idea to use Dogtown in the widget because we have to reach people who aren’t up to speed on the issues. Dogtown is something they know about and can understand.

  4. Charles
    Charles says:

    HSUS is being investigated for death and kidnapping threats! It’s about time this terrorist group answers for their violent nature. The Petland store website posted a great press release concerning HSUS and what they are up to. Check it out and get informed about the HSUS hate group!! Keep up the great work here!!!

  5. Megan
    Megan says:

    Thank you so much for posting this page. You are so right when you say EVERY dog owner needs to come together. It’s not just about Pit Bulls, but EVER dog breed.

  6. John Richardson
    John Richardson says:

    I have been battling HSUS, their “seize and slaughter” policies and their advocacy of “model” dangerous dog laws that target “dogs used for fighting” regardless of their actual temperament (or age/experience!!!)since the early to mid 1990s and I am THRILLED that a true mass movement against this fraudulent group is FINALLY underway. I have crossposted a link to this site to a whole ton of people in the rescue world who will no doubt crosspost it further! I would love to see a running count of how many websites have posted one of these widgets.

  7. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    I am on the BSL committee for the United States Rottweiler Club. We will be starting a BSL/Legislative page in the club magazine. I am thinking of doing an article on the Got 50? campaign. Is there permission and a way to grab one of your widgets to include in the article? I find they have a powerful message.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Is this a digital article, or a print article? If it’s digital, just use the embed code on the page.

      If it’s print, you can screen cap the widget as a PNG file – or send me your email address and the size widget you want, and I’ll do so for you.

  8. Diane Jessup
    Diane Jessup says:

    No one has been a longer or more vocal opponent of many of the HSUS’s tactics, especially toward my breed, than I. However, I see a lot of ranting and raving without much intelligence behind it these days. Did you know that the HSUS says they spent $10,000 on housing the NC dogs while the trial went on? Did you know that the HSUS paid my way down to Arizona to look at the Pat Patrick dogs in order to save any I could?

    As a 25 year owner of American pit bulls, I can strongly say that I would MUCH rather see that little pup euthanized then placed at the well funded “collector” (Best Friends/Dogtown) where it would rot, probably forever, in a pointless, ownerless, souless life like the poor Vick dogs. That might be fine for some generic dogs, but an American pit bull needs hard exercise, an owner and a life. Not life long boarding. And not by people so ignorant they think a dog who plays hard with a boomer ball has “PTSD” for gawd’s sake! Sheesh!

    The HSUS is a threat to dog ownership in America today, for sure. But make sure that you are making a rational and intelligent arguement, not just mouthing the same old same old crap. Thanks,
    Diane Jessup
    Author: The Working Pit Bull, The Dog Who Spoke With Gods, Colby’s Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      As a 25 year owner of American pit bulls, I can strongly say that I would MUCH rather see that little pup euthanized then placed at the well funded “collector” (Best Friends/Dogtown) where it would rot, probably forever, in a pointless, ownerless, souless life like the poor Vick dogs

      Well, that’s the story line we’ve been hearing for years, isn’t it? From Peta, from HSUS — and now from you. That dogs are ‘better off dead’ than placed. That killing is a kindness. That no kill=hoarding — this in spite of all the working, proven evidence to the contrary. And even if we can say that a lifetime in humane fostering is cruel (which some people – and likely all dogs – would argue is still kinder than the pink needle), what about the groups like Bad Rap that would have been happy to place the dogs, given the chance to evaluate which of them were placeable?

      At that the end of this all, though, my personal reason for creating these widgets was really quite simple — I’m sick of the HSUS raising money under false pretenses. I’ve been pissed off about it ever since they sucked up millions upon millions of dollars to care for the “Hurricane Katrina Dogs”, while the grass roots group I volunteered with, which was actually traveling into NOLA to pick up and transport dogs, was reduced to groveling for trailers and gas cards.

      I became more sickened when HSUS used the Vick dogs as a fund raising tool, in spite of the fact that they had ZERO to do with their foster, care or financial well being — and while they were calling for their death.

      This was the final straw for me. You do NOT GET TO RAISE MONEY TO SAVE DOGS THAT YOU THEN LOBBY TO SEE KILLED. It’s as simple as that. You don’t get to do it, not without an awful lot of us calling ‘bullshit’ on you. Pathos enducing imagery of ‘poor, abused fighting dogs’ is all over their website, with concurrent begging for funds to ‘help them’ — which is, I suppose, true, if again we can take ‘help’ to be code for ‘kill’.

      As I said, enough is freakin’ enough.

      • Dawn
        Dawn says:

        In reply to; KC DOG BLOG: HSUS Changes Policy on dogs seized from Fight Busts

        I believe it’s a move Pacelle made because of the heat he is getting from the rescue community and the animal rights community. Pacelle’s belief is as Ingrid’s, euthanize them, they are better off.

        HSUS and Pacelle have been hit hard this year. More and more rescuers, animal activist and general animal lovers are finding out the truth behind the big HSUS name and they are finding out they have all been duped, just as I did. I was a loyal follower and even worked with HSUS on a daily basis until, the
        hurricane hit. I saw HSUS for what it really was then. A phone room and publicity machine. The animals were not and never have been the main agenda. If this would have been the case HSUS would have been saving lives during Katrina instead they were no more than a big animal control. Animals were collected and killed sent, all over the U.S. to be destroyed in kill shelters or languish in a no kill facility with no hope for reunification. HSUS had no intention of producing the records of where the animals were found. Why? They would have to pay to ship them back to the Gulf Coast. It’s said among rescuer that were the last standing at Lamar Dixon, over 500 Pit Bulls were secretly killed.

        The only time HSUS would back off from what has been policy on confiscated pit bulls is because it has cut into donations. The problem HSUS is going to have with the new policy they say they will adopt ( I don’t believe it for a minute) on confiscated Pit bulls or Am staffs, is what will they do when it’s time to put up actual funds to care for the animals? Most likely this is the dilemma that will stop them in their tracks. There is no way they will pay for rehabilitation, enrichment and boarding until they are adopted.

        One poster said it well, For HSUS, its not about dog’s it’s about dollars.

        Dawn Taylor Bechtold
        President and Founder
        United States Animal Protection

        UnitedStatesAnimalProtection :

  9. James
    James says:

    They say they’ve spent $10k? Funny, they also said they needed money to help care for the Vick dogs, which they didn’t have a thing to do with. Why should anyone believe them at this point?

  10. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    It’s highly unikely that the tiny pup shown in the picture would spend his life in a shelter – even if it is more like a luxury ranch than the typical crate-and-rotate or dog pound situation.

    I would expect that little tyke and his fellow puppies to be snapped up pretty quickly.

    How’s that for rational and intelligent arguments?

    And what happened to the pups you took from Patrick’s place? You know, Patrick, who was exonerated of all charges in court?

  11. Brent
    Brent says:


    You can’t be serious on the Best Friends/Dogtown thing.

    The dogs are kept in kennels and taken out by volunteers on daily walks (usually multiple times daily). They’re pet. Well fed. And well cared for. Hell, they probably get more face time with people than about 90% of the dogs out there (keep in mind that most people leave their dogs at home, alone, 9 hours a day or so while they work at jobs away from home — and then sleep another 8 hours a day). It may not be perfect, but it’s probably a significantly better life than the majority of dogs have in this country.

    Brent’s last blog post..Weekly Roundup – Week Ending 2/22/09

  12. Lori Gray
    Lori Gray says:

    Thanks very much Frogdogz for the awesome widgets! I put one on our DLCC blog.

    To comment on the HSUS issue being discussed here; lest we forget Katrina? I wonder what HSUS bought and paid for in paying Diane’s “way”? Diane has undoubtedly done some fine work with the breed but the breed is not owned by any particular person. The APBT is the “all American dog”. It is taking a monumental effort on behalf of droves of defenders, to restore the reputation back where it belongs. The reputation has obviously fallen victim to a hard core propaganda campaign that HSUS contributes to on a daily basis. They say they help animals, yet where is the proof? They say they collect millions of dollars to save and help animals yet they are spending on killing innocent puppies while spewing bullsh*t about their breeding!
    I do not think there is any room for a “but” when it comes to the reputation of HSUS.
    Thanks Frogdogz for creating a widget so catchy to allow us to spread the word about the Hypocrisy Society of the United States!

  13. Dan
    Dan says:


    With all due respect, I am puzzled by your comments. You characterize Best Friends as a “collector”. Would you also characterize as “collectors” shelters such as Rolling Dog Ranch, who offer blind and lame dogs a chance to live their life, or the horse rescues who, against all odds, are giving abandoned horses a chance to live in a place with pasture and food, (even if there is no likelihood of a dream home in their future), as “collectors”. If I read your comments correctly, you would just kill the animals instead?

    These dogs don’t choose their life – they are delivered into it, and often held there by chains. When rescued they may not be able live in that “white picket fence” environment you see as ideal, (hard exercise, an owner and a life), but many dogs (and people) successfully live in situations that others don’t see as ideal. We do the best we can with what we have, however, instead of complaining that conditions are not what they could be. To suggest that a death sentence should be their reward for trying seems extreme, and doesn’t sound like a “rational and intelligent argument”, as your remarks suggest we should strive for.

    I am surprised you went to Arizona and out of 130 or so dogs couldn’t find any that could be retrained – at least I haven’t seen any public mention of one. I have personally interacted with dogs from dogfighting “busts” in more than one city, and though they should have careful management, after evaluation only a very few would have needed much more than an owner who was committed to their dog’s welfare. Someone who would put in the time and study to understand their dog’s behavior, and a little love, to give them a good life. That seems to describe what I have been able to learn about Best Friends and other sanctuaries.

    Your mention that you take money from the HSUS and then defend them. That makes your comments more understandable. However, we are now living with the results of an economy and political system in which people suspended rational thought about their own best interests to follow the opinions of those who profited from it. (There is a parallel to Animal Control here). A lot of those “leaders” are now hated and reviled. I realize we have a new crop of people who are just as biased, but it has been a great lesson for some in why they should analyze, carefully, what they are being told by people who may be profiting from that advice. Just sayin’.

    I suspect your knee-jerk reaction will be to defend your position, although I hope you can resist that. I started this out with respect, and from what I have read of your writings, I mean that. But please rethink your position – – whole cities are underwriting the deaths of millions of adoptable cats and dogs, animals who are then replaced by other unwanted litters, sustaining an endless loop of tragedy for the animals, as well as children and others. They do not need your help in maintaining this cycle of violence by calling for the killing of more dogs. Instead, people in your position could use your powers to insist on more credible education of owners in dog behavior, voluntary spay/neuter and the placement of altered dogs and cats in good-enough homes, and put our attention on the end of the leash where we can really change things – that is, on PEOPLE.

  14. mj
    mj says:

    I’ve ben trying to add the widgets to my Facebook. I can get it on there, no problem, but it shows up as blurry, you can’t tell what it is. Once you click on it, it opens up really big and you can read it, but I don’t think people will click on it if they can’t see what it is when it’s smaller. The size it posted to my profile is the same size I see it in the sidebar of quite a few websites, so I don’t understand why it’s so blurry in my profile. Got any ideas how I can make it show up correctly? I’ve tried posting it though both Firefox and Safari, if that makes any difference. I’ve also tried posting it multiple times. No luck, still blurry…

  15. Helene Coner
    Helene Coner says:

    I recently went to a Humane Society Presentation and Wayne Pacelle was one of the speakers. The lecture was free . One of the speakers was from The Wildlife Care Center of Fort Lauderdale( which does great work) and who now associates itself with HSUS. The auditorium was filled with members of local rescue groups & shelters. So, I left there thinking they were a great, compassionate animal society.I didn’t know that the HSUS is so controversial. Also, I read that they joined (with Best Friends) the international coalition in Haiti to rescue dogs, set up feeding stations for all of the displaced animals/livestock and to administer rabies shots. I’ve also been watching a few videos of their workers in Haiti and at the airport returning to the US with rescues. Pacelles’ also talked about working with Michael Vick to stop dog fighting. I guess I’ll do some research…it sounds like you’re against HSUS because they don’t really use the $$ they raise for animals & that they aren’t a no-kill group? I love your blog- I usually skim through the Frenchie stuff & look at the pictures.

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