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Hugo is King of the Hood

I just got a nice update email from Mr. Hugo, King of the Fashionable Park Slope ‘hood in Brooklyn.

Renee, Hugo’s mom, sends along this note:

hope all is well with you! i just wanted to send a couple recent photos of hugo.
he’s practically the mayor of our ‘hood. everyone knows his name.
he enjoys sleeping late, romps at the dog park and nascar-ing around our apartment
at about midnight. he’s the best boy. so loving and just a pleasure to have in my life!

Intrepid readers might remember Hugo from his brush with fame, via a super fun music video for “Tim and the Space Cadets”. Look how much the boy has grown since then!

Love ya, Hugo!

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Soon the pupperazzi will be hounding Hugo everywhere he goes to snap a photo of his latest doings. I see fame on the horizon. Hugo, toast of the town!

    Meanwhile, why doesn’t PETA have anything to say about Paris Hilton keeping her coke where she keeps her dog?

    Logan and Bacon send regards from the beach, where they are making quite a splash.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      What the what? Paris Hilton did what now? I don’t keep up on that girl’s doings.. it makes my head hurt. I’m busy mourning the death of El Bulli, where I was once promised a free meal if I was ever in Spain. Another dream, shattered.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      OK, since I just googled this and found an article saying that Paris Hilton was hiding coke in her lady bits, I’m deeply disturbed by the imagery of this also being where she keeps her dog.

      I mean, I know Chihuahuas are small, but still…also, that poor dog!

      • Susan
        Susan says:

        Um, the reports I heard were that the coke was in her PURSE (lol, is that what they’re calling lady bits these days?), then that she told the cops it was GUM (WTF?), then that she told the cops it belonged to a friend (cuz then it’s TOTALLY legal, y’know).

        Logan and Bacon have totally convinced us we have to win the lottery and retire to the beach. They are in 7th heaven!

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