Hugo and Renee in Los Angeles!

Do you remember Hugo?

He’s the adorable Bunny baby (and litter mate of Po) who was living in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his owner, Renee Felice. At the time, Renee was performing off Broadway in the play “Wild Flowers”, while Hugo was busy breaking into show business via a really adorable kids music video with Park Slope band Tim and the Space Cadets.


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Hugo is King of the Hood

I just got a nice update email from Mr. Hugo, King of the Fashionable Park Slope ‘hood in Brooklyn.

Renee, Hugo’s mom, sends along this note:

hope all is well with you! i just wanted to send a couple recent photos of hugo.
he’s practically the mayor of our ‘hood. everyone knows his name.
he enjoys sleeping late, romps at the dog park and nascar-ing around our apartment
at about midnight. he’s the best boy. so loving and just a pleasure to have in my life!

Intrepid readers might remember Hugo from his brush with fame, via a super fun music video for “Tim and the Space Cadets”. Look how much the boy has grown since then!

Love ya, Hugo!

Friday Zen – Hugo Does MTV

Hugo the French Bulldog is in the new Tim and the Space Cadets video

Hugo the French Bulldog is secretly the star of the new Tim and Space Cadets Video, "Superhero"

It seems that Hugo isn’t content to let his litter brother Po be the only one in the spotlight.

Hugo, it seems, has aspirations of a movie career, and he’s making his big break in a new music video. This note from his doting mom Renee gives us the back story –

It’s a music video for the children’s music group “Tim and the Space Cadets”.

Back in October, they were in desperate need of a french bulldog for the shoot. I said Hugo was available but is just a puppy (at the time he was just about 4 months old) so not sure how much I can get him to do but they agreed to give it a try (I think out of desperation of not finding an adult frenchie…hah).

But to everyone’s surprise, he was extremely obedient! He listened off leash with a crew of 15 people watching and was truly a shining star that day.

No one could believe how well he listened being he was just a baby. Pretty awesome.

I have to agree with Renee – it is pretty awesome, and so is Hugo! Well, so are all the kids – Bunny is so proud of them! 🙂

Video below – Hugo shows up around 1:00 minute in. Just a note to the producers of the video – the only thing that would make this video more awesome? More Hugo!