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I Admit It – I'm an Addict

I swear, time and time again, that I will strictly limit my posting of puppy photos. After all, like all new mommas I would happily shove stacks of photos of little pink bellied puppies into your face, oblivious to the fact that most people just don’t care.

Puppies at this age, I am willing to admit, share more in common with hamsters than they do with full grown French Bulldogs, but even the most jaded of blog readers is going to have to cut me some slack, and sit back while I share with you the absolute cutest photographs of all time.

Gaze in wonder at the tiny leetle toesies, the peeking pink tongue, and the itsy bitsy little eye capsules.

Matching Tiny Pink French Bulldog Tongues

Ooh and aah at the matching teeny pink tongues, and the adorable polka dotsy nose freckles.

I admit it, I am addicted to taking photographs of Frenchie Babies… and I’m not joining any twelve step programs, either. The rest of my secret stash is over here, on Flickr.

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  1. Flo
    Flo says:

    Oooh, I dig the secret stash, but that’s because…Hi. My name is Flo, and I’m addicted to puppy pictures! (Does that make you my enabler?) Seriously though, thanks for sharing these precious photos. 🙂

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      It might possibly make me your dealer… Is it wrong that now *I* am referring to the white boy as “the lil’est Blockhead”, too?

  2. Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor
    Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor says:

    They are adorable. Can’t decide if I like the double hooded Pied or the BMF better. If there is a cure for taking scads of terribly cute photos of terribly cute puppies, I for one, will not be signing up for THAT program. Congrats to you and Bunny on a lovely litter. Keep those photos coming! 🙂

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Thanks, guys! I love photographing them at this age.. mainly because they keep still! Not so easy once they reach that “I’m eating everything in sight including your feet” phase.

  3. maggie
    maggie says:

    I am all for it! I love your puppy pictures, at all stages of the game.. Although the videos when they get a bit older and more interactive are always going to be my favourite things on the planet.. 🙂

  4. RHz
    RHz says:

    Just when I though it was safe to get my Frog Blog fix, this kind of thing happens. Thanks to your irresponsible puppy pictures, I am now suffering from cuteness seizures, and the only cure is to view the sets of your photos when you post the links. Thanks a lot!


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