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Journey, Snow, Cops & 'Hypocrite of the Year' Awards

"Who are you people, and why am I here?"

"Who are you people, and why am I here?"

Journey has spent the last two weeks ‘trying out’ her new retirement family, Matt and Kat of Toronto. She returned to us yesterday so she could be spayed by our veterinarian, and will go back to her new forever family tomorrow or later this week.

Rather than the joyful, “oh I missed you” homecoming we might have been hoping for, Journey moped into the house with a look that clearly said “Why the hell am I back HERE again?”. She was almost as unthrilled to see us as she was her four legged family, who gave her an olfactory once over that clearly said “Where have you been, and what have you been eating/doing/meeting?”. Journey hunched her back, looked miserable and curled up on the dog bed, occasionally shooting us murderous looks that we interpreted to mean “Take me back to my REAL mommy and daddy now, please”.

While it’s nice to see she’s fitting in well with her new parents, it was rather disappointing to learn that not only weren’t we at all missed, we weren’t even remember overly fondly. Today, she’s at the vet clinic, which I’m certain has only solidified her opinion of me as a dog tormenting jerk, and will serve to make her even more grateful to escape our clutches.

French Bulldogs are ingrates, I tell you. They’ve made trading up into a breed characteristic. No other dog breed I know is as happy to leave their lifelong home behind for a new set of people, without even a backwards glance.

Florida Sounds Better and Better


I woke up this morning to Sean telling me that I’d have to wear my winter coat today.

Seems that our spring thaw had turned, over night, into a late March ice storm extravaganza. The ground is snowy, the roads are icy, and people are driving like dorks.

What fun.

Pit Bull Madness in Pawtucket

From the KC Dog Blog, I learned that a family who had recently moved to Pawtucket had their family dog removed by police because the breed is banned in Rhode Island. The fact that they were possibly unaware of this fact was ignored, and the press – and police – made sure to whip up hysterical headlines because “There was a baby in the house! With a Pit Bull!”. And they were in the same room!!

omg_onozDid the dog hurt the baby? No.

Did the dog, in fact, do anything wrong? Well, no.

But still! OMG ONOZ! It’s a PittyBull Terror! Dey eat babiez for lunches!


Speaking of Jerks…

Hey, guess what last night was? It was the HSUS annual ‘Genesis Awards’, as I found out via Fugly Horse of the Day.

So, what have those busy bees over at the HSUS been up to lately? Why, being big ass dumb jerk hypocrites, of course!

Check this out:

Sports Illustrated took home a Genesis Award for their article on Michael’s dog-fighting bust.

What? What? Are you kidding me?

The HSUS actually had the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to get some dumb bunny celeb up on stage, so they could hand out a self congratulatory “look how much WE support those poor widdle Vick dogs” award to SI.

Did they mention the part where the HSUS repeatedly called for the death of the dogs? Did they mention their fraudulent, short lived “send us money so we can help the Vick dogs even though we have nothing to do with their rescue” ad campaign?

Of course not – because there is just no end to the hypocrisy of these jerks.  HSUS, you still SUPER SUCK.

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  1. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    “No other dog breed I know is as happy to leave their lifelong home behind for a new set of people, without even a backwards glance”

    Add there big kissing-cousins to that short list! Bulldogs know a free ride, and competition free, good deal when they see it. I also suspect they sum up the new people within minutes and are rubbing their paws together in “I can so totally RULE these people!” anticipation. I have placed dogs whom I delivered, spoiled, trained and who grew up and were family members here REFUSE to get out of new Mommy and Daddy’s car when they come back from a weekend try-out sleep over because we might, I don’t know, try to keep them. 🙂

    It is a bit disconcerting. I sometimes wonder if life here was so bad? (Not!) But I think that it is also indicates 1) a well socialized confident bulldog 2) the basic resiliency and flexible nature of bulldogs and frenchies which people either love or hate.

  2. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Yagh. “their” not “there”

    And yeah, I’m sure all the dogs killed on HSUS’ insistence would be delighted to know that they gave SI such a nice award.

  3. Cletus Residence
    Cletus Residence says:

    Hey, what can I say. Give me Tessa, and in an hour, she’ll turn pale at the sight of you… What??? Go back with HER??? You’ve GOT to be kidding.

    Hammie found himself a supersized set of boobs at ringside once at an obedience trial. He climbed right into the woman’s lap, put his head between her breasts, where it disappeared, gave a happy little grunt like a small pig, and fell asleep. He was SOOOO disappointed when I dragged him away with me.

    You can never predict when the liddle bastards are going to be ungrateful…

    Cletus Residence’s last blog post..Once a wonk, always a wonk…

  4. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    This has me thinking about the rather mercenary nature of our favorite little friends. I love them dearly, and suspect they love me in spite of the fact that most will sell their soul for the right cookie. They have zero work ethic and while I think my dogs like me to be happy with them, they won’t do anything for the purpose of making me that way. Next to the term “passive aggressive” on Wikepedia, there should be a picture of my late and dearly missed girl Puff.

    Frankly any bulldog or frenchie I’ve ever been around who had a real desire to please and would work out of simple love and loyalty to me or anyone else has been a candidate for the short bus.

    And I love the little buggers for it, but it does drive people who gravitate to working, sporting, herding type dogs nuts in general. And in the case of EBs has led to to the wide spread belief that they are dumb or hard to train. They can confound even many of the terrier folks I know. Terriers may not listen, but what turns them on is generally predictable. The fact that a bulldog can be ape shit for a toy one day and indifferent the next is something seen as aggravating.

    The funny thing is that as I travel with people with working, hounds or other types of dogs, the same thing happens:

    First they try to ignore the bulldog. Then they invariably witness the bulldog do something they would have not thought they could or would do and at some point I always hear something like this “You, know he/she is really smart. I had no idea they were so smart/funny/resourceful whatever…”

    When I hear about the dumbing down of hunting dogs or herding or whatever from people hostile to showing dogs, I just shake my head. it may very well apply to many breeds, but there are many french and english bulldogs out there who could rule the world if they just had opposable thumbs…..

  5. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    Heh heh heh – be glad the little tyke likes the new place. Most little dogs, especially Toys, like to be the ones calling the shots. There’s that unbearable cuteness they have working for them – and their Oscar-worthy attempts to appear mild and sensitive so one must never be bossy or loud or they’ll sulk for hours.

    They are working dogs – they work at being good pets and lapwarmers and are darned good at it.

    As for the Hsux, it’s a matter of some amusement to me how they bravely soldier on, ignoring the lies, hypocrisy and obvious gotchas. And who wouldn’t love the way they take credit for all the good work done by others while madly spinning the bad work done by them. I’m very fond of all the pigeons who continue to fall for the Hsux’s ‘I’ll hold the football’ schtick.

    Sure, they’ve done one or two decent things but when you add it all up, well…

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    JenniferJ: oh, so true!

    I always called my late EB Lucie my community college student. Heh. Heart full of love, but dumb as a stump. For almost two years she had no idea she could move her tail to take a dump. Ah, to have a buck for every time I had to wipe her butt…

  7. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    I’ve had a few not so bright lights. I swear that the other EBs would just look at them and sigh.

    My 10 month old, Holly, is scary smart, scary strong and totally mercenary. She opens crates, opens gates and is slowly but reluctantly accepting the idea that maybe I’m in charge.

    My one year old male Joker is also bright, but he knows darn well that Holly is a)bitchy b)smarter than he is, so he follows her lead into whatever mayhem she gets started

  8. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad Journey likes her new people. Rumble follows me everywhere I go. He goes crazy when I come home from work. He is a constant shadow. Hopefully that won’t change as I need him to like me if we are going to do obedience LOL

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