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Oh Frabulous Day!

Well, Sean and I finally got the news we’d been waiting for – we’ve been approved to adopt an orphan baby from Tukrmenistan! This is so thrilling. Sean is over the moon and I’m right there with him!

Of course, we’ll probably have to give up the dogs, or at least most of them – let’s face it, they’ve really just been child substitutes anyways, so what do we need them for? Plus, well, you know – dogs and kids. I don’t want to get arrested for leaving them alone in the same bedroom, even if it is accidental.

Better safe than sorry, that’s my watch word.

No one fell for that in the slightest, did they? Drat.

It would probably be funnier if it didn’t really happen so damn often…

We gave up the kids because the dogs don't like them

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Dratted little two-legged pests — you couldn’t PAY me enough to take one. The dogs just aren’t safe when they’re around. And EXPENSIVE…people get so TOUCHY if they don’t like how you dress ’em and feed ’em. And then there’s Ken…he’d be running around teaching them to stick pennies in light sockets just for fun, but you can guess who’d have to sit in the emergency room and listen to them wail about the frizzy hair….

  2. Judith
    Judith says:

    But if you Google “frabulous” you get 732 hits. And I do believe in the art world that it’s not uncommon to make derivative art… sort of taking poetic license with poetic license.

    As to the baby, you would have had me if you’d said Dagestan! But I wonder how Tessa might have felt about it. Would she try to stamp it out?

  3. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    Yes, it was frabjus but now it’s frabulous. I’m very much in favour of making up words.

    I can so relate to that cartoon – should I admit that on the intertubes? Will the Mommy shock-troops pelt my house with dirty diapers?

    My friend and I were talking and she said to understand all the ZOMG! the children stuff you have to get that they feel about kids the way we feel about dogs (and pretty much every other non-humanoid). Makes sense. Another friend got so sick of ‘baby on board’ stickers (as if you’d drive differently) that he got one made up for his car: “Taxpayer behind wheel”

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Another friend got so sick of ‘baby on board’ stickers (as if you’d drive differently)

      Yes, I’ve always wondered about that. Are they laboring under the illusion that, if not for that tiny little sticker, people would be aiming their cars straight at them, Road Warrior style? Mind you, the “Show Dogs on Board” stickers are almost as pretentious.

      Personally, I want one that says “My French Bulldog can kick your honor student’s ass”.

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