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KNBC Update on Gina Price and Rebel Ridge

notorious puppy scum Gina Price

An early story that Los Angeles television station KNBC did on Gina Price of Rebel Ridge Kennels turned out to be a crucial piece of evidence in her trial.

Garcia: Our investigation unknowingly provided other pieces of the puzzle, like how many dogs she was selling.

In the footage, Gina Price admits to selling 280 puppies in one year, in contrast to her tax returns showing a negative income for the same year.

Price: Last year I sold 280 some puppies.

Garcia: At $1,600 each, that would mean she pulled in nearly half a million dollars in 2005. Yet according to this federal indictment, prosecutors say Price filed tax returns claiming negative taxable income for that year and the next. Gina Price refused to take the stand, but the jury still heard from her when prosecutors subpoenaed our investigation and played it for the jury.

Anna Garcia, KNBC reporter, has been covering the story since it first broke. In this story, she recaps the trial, and includes interviews with victim Richard Sproul and witness for the prosecution Attorney John Hoffman, of Wrong Puppy Fame.

Here’s the link to the full story, with video —


I personally think that John deserves some sort of Frenchie Friend of the Year award. He’s been a tireless champion for our breed — and he doesn’t even own one!

Here you go, John — it’s the first annual “You Deserve a Frenchie Lick for Being Awesome” Award.

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