Lost French Bulldog, Marlborough, MA

Update! Omar is home. News from Gale:


OMAR FOUND – Thank you everyone. Omar was found a couple of blocks from the house by a friendly school bus driver. She then asked people if they knew him and was told about the sign in front of my house. She had him safe and sound and came to see me. I have since retrieved him.

The only thing we can think happened is he followed my son out of the yard when he emptied the poop barrel and he never saw him. Inspection of our fence and potential ways out netted no clues and the other two dogs in the yard with him were still there.

That’s two happy endings for me this week. I think I have my share now. God, my heart stopped when he didn’t come in with the others.

Thanks for rallying your networks.


A male French bulldog is lost, Marlboro, MA. He is a 26lb brindle male French Bulldog, and does have a microchip.

A note from his owner, Gale Golden:

HELP! Omar must have escaped from our yard in Marlborough this morning when my son took out the trash. All others are accounted for. He is a 26lb brindle male frenchie and does have a microchip. This is my worst nightmare. We have a six foot stockade fence and there are no holes in the yard this is the only way he could get out.

If you see him, please phone 508=308-1361 or 508-360-0171



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  1. Ava
    Ava says:

    This is very sad. Unfortunately, microchips are not GPS devices so it couldn’t be tracked. I just hope that whoever finds the dog will take it to the vet or the local shelter so that they could determine the owner of the lost dog.

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