Lost/Stolen French Bulldog, Queens NY

This is a missing or stolen French Bulldog alert, for the Queens, New York area. Please cross post and/or re tweet

Please note: This is not my girl, who is also named “Butters”.

updated with a note from Butters’ owner:

my dog has been stolen. I have two frenchies, one male, one female..both under a year old. My male was stolen on Saturday, May 28th 2011 between the times of 3:00pm-6:30pm. I have notified the police but they say that if I did not see a specific person stealing my dog, no report will be filed. I am sure he did not run away because my house is gated and he has grown too big to slip between the gates.


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Lost French Bulldog, Marlborough, MA

Update! Omar is home. News from Gale:


OMAR FOUND – Thank you everyone. Omar was found a couple of blocks from the house by a friendly school bus driver. She then asked people if they knew him and was told about the sign in front of my house. She had him safe and sound and came to see me. I have since retrieved him.

The only thing we can think happened is he followed my son out of the yard when he emptied the poop barrel and he never saw him. Inspection of our fence and potential ways out netted no clues and the other two dogs in the yard with him were still there.

That’s two happy endings for me this week. I think I have my share now. God, my heart stopped when he didn’t come in with the others.

Thanks for rallying your networks.


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Missing French Bulldog in Michigan

Missing French Bulldog in Michigan

Ty is a Missing French Bulldog from Michigan

Please help bring this little guy home to his parents. He’s been missing since September, and his parents are understandably frantic.

Name: Ty
Lost: September 30, 2010
Location: Shiawassee County, MI

Could have been taken by car, so far no one that I have found in the
town knows anything, and has not seen anything. Last sighting may have
been in Davidson MI, Bristol and Irish Rd.

Neutered Male. 12 inches tall. 2 inch stub tail. Standing Bat Ears.
Black/Brindle. White on chest and chin. Friendly. Pug-face. Is always

Call Any hour with any sightings.
989-413-1747 or 989-286-2128

Facebook page/photos/updates:

This is my dog… feel free to contact me with any questions. thank
you for your help. Shelters, vets, police, neighbors, restaurants,
breeders, news papers, have all been notified. Posted have been posted
around town, and some surrounding towns, however he is still not home.
I’m thinking he was picked up because no one has even called with a
direction he went.

Additional Images:

Missing French Bulldog – Urgent Help Needed

Shelley - Missing French Bulldog, Chicago Land Area

Shelley - Missing French Bulldog, Chicago Land Area

A Chicago area French Bulldog is missing, and volunteers urgently need your help.

Shelley is a seven year old, spayed brindle French Bulldog. She has a white chest. A photo is coming soon.

Shelley has been misssing since 11:15 am on New Year’s Day, from the rear of a house located on Woodland Drive, in Plano, Illinois. She was not wearing a collar, and is not microchipped. Her foster mom let her out for a pee, and Shelley took off into the woods. She has not been seen since, and it is cold in Plano, and getting colder.

Please – if you are in the Plano area, and able to assist with searching for Shelley, call Mary Scheffke at (773) 931 4860.

If you are anywhere in this area, please keep your eyes open for Shelley. It can be surprising how far and how fast small dogs can travel when they are scared and disoriented. Most Frenchies will seek out human companionship, happily getting into cars or going inside houses. Look for neighbours who might have found a dog recently.

Check CraigsList and Kijiji for notices of found dogs – occasionally Frenchies are listed as Pugs, Bostons or cross bred dogs. Please spread word about Shelley on Twitter, Facebook and other blogs.

Mary sent us an update on the search –

8 hours out there today with 2 dogs trying to track her- several volunteers- some hunters helping us- can’t believe a 7 year old frenchie got far! No fresh kill from coyotes in a 5 mile radius of our search. We have hire they call neighbors in a certain mileage radius and ask if they have seen the dog and to watch for it-no luck yet. Praying that someone found her yesterday in daylight and are waiting for the holidays to call the police, vet or shelter- as she is friendly and would probably go to a house or people if she saw them- many houses and farms nearby the wooded area she took off in.

Mary Scheffke

Lost or Stolen French Bulldog in California/Nevada

Please cross post and twitter this – let’s help to get this little girl back home again.

Lost or Stolen – Diamond, a Brindle and White French Bulldog

Diamond has a unique, pale 'silvery' brindle coat

Diamond has a unique, pale 'silvery' brindle coat

Diamond went missing on 11/11/09 in Rancho Cordova CA, 95628

She was last seen being picked up in a black Chevy Suburban with NV license plates on Folsom Blvd in the AutoZone parking lot.

She had no tags or collar and was not microchipped

Reward of $500 for information leading to her return.
Contact Gail 916-967-7108 or email

More photos of Diamond: