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Missing French Bulldogs Near Chandler, Oklahoma

Our friend Pat Pearce, one of the writers for our Ask the Experts column, has suffered a horrible tragedy. Two of her French Bulldogs have escaped from her fenced yard near Chandler, Oklahoma.

If you’re in the area, please be on the look out, and please consider cross posting this notice.

Here’s Pat’s email, and at the end you’ll find a link to a downloadable PDF file that can be handed out at vet clinics or posted in other areas where they might be seen.

I need help finding my pups…  I have this written up… and have attached photos and a flyer that I am asking folks to get to their local vets and shelters.. and of course permissing is given to cross post far and wide..  and can you post it on your site”

Two of my dogs escaped from my fenced yard and are lost. I live outside Chandler, OK.  I have done all the things – flyers everywhere, talked to all the neighbors, the mail man, the police, ads in the local paper, etc…all with NO results.  They have not been seen since a very short time after they escaped.  I fear that someone has picked them up.

They are Robin, 18 month old brindle girl and Hunter, 14 month honey pied male, both are micro chipped…  I can be reached at my cell phone 405-650-4051 or by email at Fidoknows@gmail.com   One has a condition and needs constant medication…


Hunter - Missing From Chandler, OK

Robin - Missing From Chandler, OK

Vet Flyer – PDF

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  1. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    Thank you. I know Pat is hoping for all the help she can get… I’m thinking good, non coyote thoughts, because honestly few things are more traumatizing for me to even consider…

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