Missing French Bulldog in Michigan

Missing French Bulldog in Michigan

Ty is a Missing French Bulldog from Michigan

Please help bring this little guy home to his parents. He’s been missing since September, and his parents are understandably frantic.

Name: Ty
Lost: September 30, 2010
Location: Shiawassee County, MI

Could have been taken by car, so far no one that I have found in the
town knows anything, and has not seen anything. Last sighting may have
been in Davidson MI, Bristol and Irish Rd.

Neutered Male. 12 inches tall. 2 inch stub tail. Standing Bat Ears.
Black/Brindle. White on chest and chin. Friendly. Pug-face. Is always

Call Any hour with any sightings.
989-413-1747 or 989-286-2128

Facebook page/photos/updates:

This is my dog… feel free to contact me with any questions. thank
you for your help. Shelters, vets, police, neighbors, restaurants,
breeders, news papers, have all been notified. Posted have been posted
around town, and some surrounding towns, however he is still not home.
I’m thinking he was picked up because no one has even called with a
direction he went.

Additional Images:

Missing French Bulldog, Texas

Magic - missing or stolen French Bulldog in Texas

Magic - missing or stolen French Bulldog in Texas

Long time breeder and French Bulldog owner Ann Stroud passed away on July 2cnd. At the time of Ann’s death, she and two other people co owned a little brindle French Bulldog named “Magic” (aka Ch. Fabelhaft I’m Sumbunny at Robobull).

Some time during Ann’s illness, she felt no longer capable of caring for her dogs, and so placed Magic with a friend or acquaintance. Unfortunately, Ann never shared the name of this person with her family or with her two co owners, and now no one knows where Magic is (or if they do, they’re not telling).

Magic’s co owners are desperate to find her, mostly just so that they will know that she is safe and is being well cared for.  When you’re dealing with a missing intact bitch, there’s always worry about dogs ending up in the wrong hands, for the wrong reasons. Visions of puppy mills dance through your head, when you don’t know where your dog is.

Magic is believed to be someplace in the Texas panhandle.

She is a dark brindle bitch, about 22 pounds, with white markings on her chest. She is microchipped, and her chip is registered with CAR.

If you live in the Texas Panhandle area, please keep an eye open for people who suddenly have a new adult French Bulldog – especially if they don’t want to tell you where it came from. Employees at vet clinics and pet supply stores can be especially helpful in cases like this.

If you think you know where Magic is, please contact her co owner, Twinkey Moore, at 806-622-1379 or 902-622-3333, or email her at You can also see Magic’s page on her website, at

Please cross post and share, and help bring Magic home!

Magic, missing or stolen French Bulldog, Texas

Magic, missing or stolen French Bulldog, Texas

Stolen Dogs Returned in California and Quebec

Vivienne Scott gets a kiss from her border collie, after the dog was recovered

Vivienne Scott gets a kiss from her border collie, after the dog was recovered

Jennifer of Adamant Bulldogs left this piece of good news in the comments section:

The english bulldogs stolen in California were returned.

The owner was able to get several papers and local TV news outlets to report on the theft, she also blanketed Craigslist, Kijiji and other sites with the story. The goal was to make it to hard for anyone to sell or even give away the dogs

Her doorbell rang and when she opened it the dogs were running around in front of her house, the returner was nowhere to be found.

Don’t know if this tactic will help with the Chicago situation, but it is the second time this seems to have worked for bulldog owners on the wet coast, last year it was a puppy in AZ, and the media coverage saw her left in a hotel drop box in good condition

This reminded me of a similar situation which just occurred in Montreal, Quebec. A truck carrying the canine members of an Ottawa Flyball team was stolen from a parking lot outside of a Jack Astor’s Eatery.

From Yahoo News

Claire Gordon of Manotick was with three other Ottawa residents eating at Jack Astor’s just west of Montreal off the Hwy. 40 when her black 2004 Chevrolet Silverado was stolen at about 3:30 p.m.

Gordon and her friends had spent the day at Ile-des-Soeurs competing in a flyball tournament, said her friend Pat Nadarajah, 49, of Ottawa.

“They went in for dinner and came back out an hour later and the truck had been stolen,” said Nadarajah.

“Whoever took it obviously didn’t know the dogs were in there because they were in the back of the truck,” said Nadarajah, adding the truck had a cap on the back.

There were two Border Collies, Jack Russell Terrier and a Cattle dog in crates.

“I would imagine horror,” Nadarajah said of Gordon’s reaction. “She had parked pretty close to the entrance so she could try and keep an eye on it. When she came out she couldn’t find the truck.”

As in the case Jennifer mentioned, friends and acquaintances of Gordon instantly sprang into action, getting the news out to mailing lists, on line forums, ad sites and the media. All of this unwanted attention paid off – the dogs were found.

From FWix

The SPCA received a call just after midnight from someone reporting dogs tied to a fence in the Montreal area. They went to investigate and the happy pooches responded to their names when they were called.

“It’s absolutely amazing what overwhelming support we got from the community. We had calls from Missouri, New Brunswick and even Newfoundland,” Scott said. “We put the word out on Facebook and Twitter with their mugshots and people really tried to help. We owe them for all they did.”

Two things leap out from this incidence – the first is to ALWAYS use the power of social media to get the word out about situations like this.

Dog people, for all their faults, will almost always rally around dogs in need, and they have a pretty powerful grapevine. It might not always work, but the added attention this kind of media coverage can bring will certainly help to make theives decide that maybe it just isn’t worth it to keep the dogs after all.

The second lesson comes from Vivienne Scott, owner of one of the missing dogs –

“We shall never leave our dogs in the car ever again. We thought it would be safe, but we’re never going to do that again.”

A good lesson for all of us to remember – things can happen in an instance, and it’s up to us to try to minimize risk. From now on, I’ll be sucking it up and eating drive through take out, inside the car.

More on the Stolen Chicago French Bulldog

More details from Beth, owner of the Delilah Blue, the French Bulldog who was stolen from inside a Chicagoland residence. Please, please – tweet this, email this and send it on to as many groups as you know of. We need help in getting Delilah Blue back, and we need to make sure that no more dogs go missing.

If you live in or near Chicago and want to help, you can download the flyer with her information here. Please paste it up in as many places as possible – vet clinics, groomers and pet supply stores are especially helpful.

Yesterday, my little French Bulldog puppy, 4 months old, was stolen from my home. I know who took her by what he looks like, but can’t confirm a name, I’m sure he gave me a fake name. I was walking my puppy, Delilah Blue, home from the park – we went to enjoy the good weather before this storm hit last night.

On the way home from the park, we encountered “Alexa”, a friendly-type “neighbor” who commented how cute Delilah was, and that he had 4 puppies of his own, about 3 months old, available for sale. He named the breed properly and mentioned the colors of the dogs as cream and black. If he said “white” I would have thought about that, since in the Frenchie community, the proper name is “cream”. Anyway, we walked and chatted, and he told me that he only lived a few blocks from the park. I said I wanted to see the puppies and wanted to take mine home first. While we walked, he “received” (although I didn’t hear the phone ring, thought it might be on vibrate or something) a few phone calls for his “puppies for sale”. He went through one or two conversations with people who were calling to come see one of the puppies.

When we got to my house, I went inside, leaving him outside, and put the dog away (took off her leash and sweater), and grabbed my driver’s license and wallet, and got ready to drive him to his house nearby to see the puppies. As I was leaving, he asked me if he could use the restroom. I figured it was OK (What An Idiot) and let him in, watching him walk down the hall and saw him coming back out. Before he left, he leaned over to pet my puppy goodbye, who was sitting by the sliding glass door, and must have unlocked the door. Then we left and I locked the house doors, leaving my purse and everything else inside, “safely locked up”.

We then drove 1 and a half blocks from my house, and he went down some stairs, I didn’t actually see him go inside a residence. A few minutes later, I got a call on my cellphone, from “Alexa”, asking me if I had some towels in the car, and that he was just going to be a few more minutes getting the puppies together. At that point, I called my upstairs neighbor to go check on the dog, something just felt really wrong… my neighbor ran down to my apartment (we all have eachother’s keys in case of emergencies and he dog-sits for me too)… Emanual told me that the dog was NOT in my house. It had only been a few minutes since I got that cell phone call from “Alexa”. I sped back to my house to find my dog stolen, the sliding glass doors had been opened.

“Alexa” told me he was gay, that he performed at “The Baton” and also that he worked in the stock room at Best Buy Ford City. He has shaved eyebrows, his ears are pierced above the lobes, he has men’s names tattoo’d on both sides of his neck, a tattoo of the name “Alexii” or “Alexa” on his arm, his pinkee finger has a bad gash in it, and some small dreads tied with blue and white beads that hung out the back of his black knit cap, which he wears to cover his “non-eyebrows”. Hispanic/Puerto Rican, about 5’6″ or 5’7″, chatty, effeminate (maybe to make “girls at ease”), white cell phone, jeans with a “Tiger” embroidered on the back pockets, black jacket.

Now here’s what I have done so far:

1. Filed a police report. 2 officers came and got my information. They told me to calm down and that I had to act smart. They sent out a fingerprint expert but he found nothing on the sliding glass doors.

2. Traced the cell phone number on the internet under “People Lookup By Phone Number”, since he JUST called me.
3. Went to the 1st address on the list last night just hours after the dog was stolen, and called the police station in the area, who sent out a squad car. Two officers went to the house listed (on 105th S. Ewing) and a couple said that Favian had moved out a long time ago, but they knew his father. The police talked to “his father” on the cellphone and the description of this “Favian” did not match the description of the man I described above.

4. I called my police station this morning to let them know that I had the cellphone number, they said they didn’t trace numbers… then I asked if a detective had been assigned to my case and was told that a detective would be assigned tomorrow or Wednesday and that they’d call me.

5. I remembered that this guy mentioned “the Baton” and called there to see if they could recognize the description of maybe a “regular” customer, or maybe an amateur impersonator or something, and when I finally got to talk to someone who might recognize patrons, etc. “Jim” asked me “Is this the lady I talked to last week?” and I said NO but tell me what happened and why another lady was calling about a dog napper? He gave me the person’s number and I called over there immediately.

6. There was another dog stolen from a pet store on Feb. 13th – the person who stole her matches the description of “my” guy EXACTLY – tattoos on his neck, shaved eyebrows, little braids in back, hispanic about 5’6/5’7 etc… talked about his mama, about getting puppies, etc. Also mentioned The Baton, that he worked there to both of us. He apparently went into the pet store and looked at the puppies, asked for a drink of water, and when their back was turned to get him some water, snatched the puppy and ran out of the store to a waiting car.

7. I am trying to hire a private investigator to trace the phone number and get a current billing address or name attached to the phone. it might be a clone or drop phone, but I don’t know yet.

I believe that there is a dog-snatching ring in play in Chicago, and that they stole from a store and a private residence. They are taking “high end” dogs and probably selling them privately or through the internet… The police wont’ tell me if there’s any other cases of dog-snatching, I want to find out where those crimes were committed, if this is the same guy, or find out where to FIND my PUPPY!!!

Beth’s Stolen Puppy:
Delilah Blue Petoulah LeDeux Gottlieb (Can just call her Delilah)
4 mo. old Black Brindle French Bulldog, with White Snipe on Chest
From: 21st & Oakley
Sunday, Feb. 21st @ 3pm
Police Report RD#HS 175012
No detective assigned yet
Area 4: 312.746-8253

Stolen From “Let’s Pet” Store
Boxer Puppy: 8 weeks old, solid white with spot on one eye
Saturday, Feb. 13th @ Time?
From: 3404 N. Ashland
Police Report RD#HS162073
Detective Moscalino assigned, not in today
Area 3 (312.744-8263)
CONTACT (DOG OWNER): Pete (312.533-5668) or Susan: 773.327-2050

Please feel free to call me if I can provide you with any more information or to let me know you can HELP ME!!!

Thank you,

Missing French Bulldog – Urgent Help Needed

Shelley - Missing French Bulldog, Chicago Land Area

Shelley - Missing French Bulldog, Chicago Land Area

A Chicago area French Bulldog is missing, and volunteers urgently need your help.

Shelley is a seven year old, spayed brindle French Bulldog. She has a white chest. A photo is coming soon.

Shelley has been misssing since 11:15 am on New Year’s Day, from the rear of a house located on Woodland Drive, in Plano, Illinois. She was not wearing a collar, and is not microchipped. Her foster mom let her out for a pee, and Shelley took off into the woods. She has not been seen since, and it is cold in Plano, and getting colder.

Please – if you are in the Plano area, and able to assist with searching for Shelley, call Mary Scheffke at (773) 931 4860.

If you are anywhere in this area, please keep your eyes open for Shelley. It can be surprising how far and how fast small dogs can travel when they are scared and disoriented. Most Frenchies will seek out human companionship, happily getting into cars or going inside houses. Look for neighbours who might have found a dog recently.

Check CraigsList and Kijiji for notices of found dogs – occasionally Frenchies are listed as Pugs, Bostons or cross bred dogs. Please spread word about Shelley on Twitter, Facebook and other blogs.

Mary sent us an update on the search –

8 hours out there today with 2 dogs trying to track her- several volunteers- some hunters helping us- can’t believe a 7 year old frenchie got far! No fresh kill from coyotes in a 5 mile radius of our search. We have hire they call neighbors in a certain mileage radius and ask if they have seen the dog and to watch for it-no luck yet. Praying that someone found her yesterday in daylight and are waiting for the holidays to call the police, vet or shelter- as she is friendly and would probably go to a house or people if she saw them- many houses and farms nearby the wooded area she took off in.

Mary Scheffke