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More Stupidity in the Congo Trial

Of all the incredibly inane statements to come out of the Congo trial in NJ, this one just about takes the cake – Princeton Township Animal Warden Mark Johnson not only insinuated that the Guy James inflicted the wounds on his dogs himself, but he also testified that James’ dogs were ‘bred to be vicious’.

His proof for this?

They’re fed a raw diet.

How can anyone, in this day and age, be employed as a dog warden and still be such a nitwit? It would funny, if it wasn’t for the fact that Johnson’s testimony played a large part in Congo’s being labeled a ‘vicious dog’, and thus sentenced to death.

Johnson’s over all attitude is one of hostility, towards Congo, the other dogs and the family who owns them.

“Animal Warden Johnson has even said he believes the family may have intentionally wounded one of the pups to make it look in worse shape than it was.

“Miraculously, there was a scar on one of the puppies heads, but when I examined them immediately after the attack, it wasn’t there,” he said.

Johnson also doesn’t buy James’ claim that his dogs were bred for obedience.

“He fed them raw meat and dead rabbits,” he said. “That puts aggression in a dog.”

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  1. Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Logic says:

    oh this angers me.. those dumb gardners were told to stay in the car… well duh!… what the …

    ok.. a stream of obsecenities was about to flow…

    and if raw meat makes dogs viscious, then I know several “viscious” happy healthy friendly therapy dogs.

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