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Oh You Bad Little Bunny!

Bunny is apparently getting bored with motherhood. I can almost see her thinking “Y’know, I have a career to get back to, and things to do. I can’t just sit around in this whelping box all day, looking after these chubby little muffinheads”.

In an attempt to alleviate her boredom, Bunny has gotten herself a new hobby – interior decorating.

In less than 24 hours, Bunny has….

  • pulled the clock radio off the table, unplugged it from the wall, and eaten the cord
  • eaten a package of sunflower seeds (I should mention here that the package was on top of the three shelf bookshelf, meaning she had to jump from the bed to the bookshelf to get them. I guess she really needed a snack)
  • unplugged the lamp from the wall and eaten the cord
  • unplugged the baby monitor base, detached the charger from it, and ate the cord – but only after pulling the monitor and charger into the whelping box
  • unplugged the (thankfully turned off) heating pad, pulled it into the whelping box, and ate the cord

Looking this list over, it seems her new hobby is actually home electronics. She’s lucky she hasn’t fried herself yet. I spent this afternoon spraying down every necessary cord and piece of electronics in the room with a double dose of Bitter Apple spray. Tonight, I added a liberal coating of Frank’s Hot Sauce.

Hopefully that will work – either that, or she’ll just see it as a challenge.

I should also point out that Bunny hasn’t done this because she’s chew toy deprived – her room is stocked with three kinds of nylabones, a selection of water bottles, and a peanut butter and dog cookie stuffed Kong that I prepare fresh every day. Apparently, those didn’t pose enough of a challenge in logistics for her, as opposed to carefully removing an entire lamp from a table top.

I think I’m finally starting to understand how the owners of sporting breeds feel…

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    Congrats on the New Pups they look great!!! As far as Bunny’s cord obsession goes, that’s interesting and I’m sure quite costly, unless of course she has figured out how to re-splice the connections for you!!!! Well take care and all the Best Carol with your other home electronics be sure to keep an eye out for her when vaccuming. : ) ttyl

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