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No New Years Rant – Just Best Wishes

I’ve been quietly fuming about the HSUS for the past few days, and sat down at the keyboard ready to write a long, vitriol laden rant about the huge degree of their suckage – and then the email arrived from Thor’s new mommy and daddy.

It’s hard to maintain the desire to rant, when you’re admiring photos of a sweater clad Frenchie who appears to be composed of 90% ears.

So, no rant, no rave, no anger — Just the hope that 2009 is a fabulous year for all of us.

To all my fabulous Frenchie family members, who have opened their homes and heart to one of our puppies – thank you. If I didn’t have all of you, I wouldn’t have these beautiful dogs to share my life with. I appreciate each and every one of you, I appreciate each and every photo and note you send, and most of all, I appreciate knowing that you are homes I can trust and believe in, and that as much as I loved those pups when they were tiny, you love them even more now.

To the French Bulldog breeders from far and wide who share their knowledge, who make me laugh, who cry with me when things go wrong and congratulate me when things go right – my thanks, and big BIS ribbons for all you (unless I’m competing against you, in which case, it’s every man or woman for herself, biotches! haha!).

To all the bloggers who read what I write, and who provide me with hours of entertaining, educational, thought provoking, rant inducing writing – thanks for keeping at it, even when the comments are thin and you wonder “wtf am I doing this for?”.

To my family, friends and everyone else — hugs and love and home made shortbread cookies for everyone! And maybe tequila.

To my dogs, jeez would you guys TRY to stop farting in 2009? I’m looking at you, Journey. Tessa, you’re old and cranky just like me, and I hope you have 20 more years to spend at the foot of my bed, snorting, farting and drooling on the 300 thread count sheets.

To Sean, thanks for all the times you’ve fed the dogs without ever complaining (ok, or not complaining very often). Thanks for poop scooping, pee wiping, pen cleaning and puppy snuggling. You’re the man.

Happy New Years, everyone, and may you all have puppies on your lap to snuggle! Speaking of puppies, here’s Thor and his new mommy and daddy.

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    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      I really have the feeling you know how to do everything.. cooking so good, writing so nicely, organizing a house perfectly…. everything is organized

      Hahaha! Who are YOU talking about? Not me or MY house! The floor is five feet deep in dog hair (as is my clothing!), I burned the corn bread, and that damned ram statue is still sending subliminal messages to Delilah.

      Oh, and just for fun, Petal the cat has learned that if she comes half way down the stairs, she can see the dogs — and they can see her — but they can’t actually reach her to do anything about it. So, she sits there looking smug and cat like, and the dogs all gather at the bottom of the stairs and scream insults at her. This is all particularly fun when you have guests over…

      We just muddle by, messes, dog hair, burned food and crazy Frenchies every where… but we’re happy 🙂

  1. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Hope you have even a happier 2009 filled with messes, dog hair, burned food and frenchies. Ok maybe not the burned food hahaha.

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    Happy New Year to you too !! I have received so much pleasure from reading your Blog each day. I go home and give my gal Sophie an extra big hug thinking about all the people out there that know what a treasure these dogs are and also for all the poor mistreated and wounded frenchie souls out there that need love so badly. Thank you for being our Champion and theirs. Thank you for keeping us informed and alerted. Have the best year ever !

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